Hello Friends, do you guys have any medicine to cure the disease called “SIGHT WORDS”? Getting confused aah, OK let me tell you my story then you would understand as to why I call the SIGHT WORDS as a disease or headache.


                You all know that I am getting excited about the forthcoming Summer holidays right and my mom also promised me that she would help in reading during this break. In the mean time, as our class is gearing up for the annual day preparations, lot of videos and photo shoots are happening in the school. That full story later on about the videos and photo shoots. By accident, my teacher found out that I was the only kid who is rattling all the sight words the moment she puts on that video for us in the class. So she played all the old Sight words videos and since I was in a good mood to watch the videos I rattled them off like one stupid parrot, with out understanding the consequences.

              Now comes the real headache – Guess what, my teacher and principal have decided to shoot a video as to how I am telling all these sight words. So they went and told me to my Mom to practise them at home regularly….Aacha listen, you all know that kids are prone to mood swings and we are not parrots whole time right…

              So there comes the whole problem. I don’t want to do only sight words whole time every where right…there are more interesting things like learning dance from the TATA SKY channels especially the Madhuri akka’s ones or learning songs from you tube from various music directors or trying my hands on the various musical instruments. They all are challenging me by saying that I can’t pick them up or learn on my own. So I had made up my mind to show everybody that I can do all this on my own…so then how much effort I need to put there, people just don’t understand this.. that’s why they add more pressure on me, saying read these sight words, identify them and all…who needs this disturbance…tell me

           How I wish, that I am a grown up boy like others, so that I can hang the DON’T DISTURB board outside my room and stay on my own in the room to learn the things that interest me…but unfortunately, my Mom and Dad brush me aside when I say I am busy, thinking that I am still a kid..OHH God, Krishniah or Govinda, why don’t you come to help me out in this kind of situations?

            Reading would be fun, because you can touch and feel the paper, but reading these SIGHT WORDS is so boring, they won’t have a feel or touch and I am not a robot to do what my parents tell me isn’t it….please can somebody help me out this problem or give some medicine to those SIGHT WORDS, so that they can disappear from the world altogether…do you guys help me out on this please??????????