Are you guys waiting eagerly to hear about my dance performance and also about the venue. Okay, here I am coming with all the details for you.

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         The venue is at #Russian Cultural Center, in Chennai. The stage is wonderful and it has all those big big flashing lights and huge speaker boxes. The moment I went inside, I couldn’t locate the speaker boxes and thought as to how come such a big sound is coming..then my Dad showed me the concealed speakers and they are really cute. Then comes an array of lights, both big and small. There is an uncle sitting near to a small projecting device and he is controlling the angles of lights. They are able to move them up and down. The lights are getting focused on to the floor and roof and I liked that concept. I think, I need to get that set for my house as well. What say folks? So I was super excited with all this lights and sound effects and in the mean time, my #Satish Anna called me for the dress rehearsal. I happily went on to the stage to give my performance. But don’t think that it was so smooth. There came another smoking surprise for me. Wondering what it is? Its a blower actually which blows the artificial smoke on to the dancers. The first time it came on to me, I was scared you know. But being a big boy, I should not cry in front of everybody naa. So I just danced away my fear you see.

         Can you imagine, what was the ultimate reward I got, for dancing away my fears. It’s a tight hug and a big kiss from my Mom and Dad. Their hugs and kisses sent away all my fears. So it was time for getting ready and waiting for my final performance. We all got ready and my #Satish Anna gave us sandwiches and chocolate before the final performance, which we all ate happily, as we were all hungry. Please see the snap below of our entire team with #Satish Anna. Me, Satish Anna and Uday Anna are in the circle.

          The performance was over in a jiffy, after such a long wait. My Mom, Dad and Anna were all praising me for my dance. But I was not happy, you know why?. Post my performance, they sent us down the stage and my #Dancebox gurus gave their performance. I was feeling very sad, that they didn’t include me in their performances. Theirs were for more longer duration and also involved lot of complex moves. Guys please tell me when would I be able to perform like them? Every body is telling me that I am small to do those dances. So even while getting the certificate, I was not sure whether to be happy or not?

          All these elders keep telling so many lies and also change the facts as they please. Some times they tell me that I am a big boy, some times they tell me that I am a small boy. Can you please at least tell me whom am I?

       Whom am I? A Big Boy or a Small Boy – Whom am I? When Can I dance all those complicate moves?