Today is going to be another exciting day for us. As my granny is coming from Vizag and this time she is going to stay with us for a long long time till my next birthday. So I am eagerly waiting for her train to arrive in Chennai. Also it’s a holiday for me so I can go and pick her up from the railway station as well.

WOW: She Turned The Key In The Lock And Opened The Door

After my dad left to the office, my mom called me and told me that we do have an important job to do. Guess what, it’s a very interesting one too and it starts with letter “p”. Didn’t get it right, yes it’s party planning. Today is my granny’s birthday too. So mom was thinking of arranging a party for her at home. So we called up her friends and asked them to come over to our place. My granny has two good friends here in Chennai, with whom she goes to the temples and bhajan meetings. So we called them over.

Next comes the food isn’t it? But old people don’t like to cut the cake naa, so we didn’t order the cake, but I decided to bake her brownies all by myself. She likes to eat only the brownies I bake for her. So I did that one and my mom helped me with the measurements of the ingredients. My mom made some payasam (kheer) the milk sweet which my granny likes. So we have been done with the food too. Then my mom gave me some glue and color papers and asked me to decorate my granny’s room and lock it up, so that Johnny wouldn’t spoil the decorations.

In the mean time my dad came home from the office and after he got refreshed we both went to the station to pick up the granny. Spending time in the station is always fun. We can watch so many people, listen to their words in different languages. Also my favourite trains and engines would be there. I can try and steal a chance to get into a new engine or a train. So I didn’t observe when my granny’s train came as I was busy watching the sights of a station.
While driving back home, I didn’t tell my granny about the surprise that’s in store for her at home. As soon as we reached home, my granny’s friend came to the car and wished her. She was very happy seeing her friends after a long time and so she spent lot of time talking to them and she also forgot to get re freshen up.

After my granny’s friends left, she went to her room and found out that it’s locked. So my granny got surprised and called us to open the door. I gave her the key and asked her to open it herself. So “she turned the key in the lock and opened the door”. As she was entering the room, I switched on the light.  But there were no decorations in the room. My mom got surprised to see a normal room. She turned to me and was about to ask me a question. In the meantime there was a small shout from my granny. When my mom turned and looked where my granny was looking, she also gave a big shout. My dad came running inside the room and he also said ohh what’s this? Everybody was so surprised and happy.

Do you guys want to know what is it,  that gave my granny and parents a big surprise? I pasted a series of photos of my granny that I collected from my big granny. It’s right from her school days, till date and they capture all the phases of her life. Do you think that it is a best gift from my side to my granny? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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