This weekend we watched the Saina movie and I was honestly captivated by this movie. During the Pre-corona days, I was attending the shuttle badminton classes too. And my coach has gifted me Sindhu and Saina akka’s posters to put in my room too. So, when we were just browsing the movies on Amazon prime, we hit upon this movie and I wanted to see it immediately. Here is my movie review about Saina.

I had already heard about Saina and Sindhu so many times from my coach and my mom. So, I was curious as to how the little Saina would look like. This movie picks up the speed after Saina’s family moves to Hyderabad so that she can get the best training for her Shuttle badminton.

I never believed my mom, when she said that Saina’s coach Gopi Sir is very strict and very particular about diet. When I saw in the movie that Saina has to change all her food habits after joining Gopi Sir’s team, then only I understood its importance. But I still have one question for Saina Akka. How can she survive with just one chapati? I eat three and then still feel the hunger and keep craving for chocolates and other stuff. Also, I heard that Gopi Sir stopped her from eating icecreams. But I have seen that Akka and her friends were eating icecreams now and then. So not sure, why my mom told me like that.

Also, Saina’s mom is very strict. Did you see that she slapped Akka in front of everyone for not winning the gold medal in nationals? I was so surprised seeing that scene. How can a mom beat her kid just like that? When I lost in my artistic gymnastics, my mom didn’t say even a single word to me but gave me a burger instead. So Akka, please tell your mom to calm down a little bit.

Also, I wonder how you were able to get up daily at 3 AM and report it to Gopi Sir by 5:30 AM. But what my coach told me that Gopi sir expects his students to report sharp by 4:30 AM. And in case, if you are late by 15 minutes or so, you are marked absent that day. I got up for my gymnastics competition for 15 days like that at 5:00 AM. After that, I honestly lost my interest in getting up daily so early. Don’t you honestly feel bored going daily and practice the shuttle? You are really awesome Akka. There is so much to learn from you.

Like that time, when you went to practice your game while your mom is in the hospital. I cried seeing those scenes you know? How could you do that akka. How did you get that determination and will power?

I wish, the movie showed more in detail about your game and your fitness routine. They didn’t even show your Olympics match. You should have told them to shoot properly na. Also, you didn’t show properly your reactions after you lost the no. 2 positions. I know that you have this “Never Say, Never Die” attitude and you really charged ahead and got that no. 1 ranking. But that entire process is not at all clear.

Also, Kashyap was not shown in full length. He was such a good shuttler, isn’t he? Nowhere, he was shown playing the game, except throwing few rallies for you. Why is it like that? Also, why is Gopi Sir’s name changed to Rajan in the movie. I was so waiting to see your picture with him in the end, but that was also missing. Anyways, I do have that picture with me.

But on the overall, this is a very nice movie and a must watch for all the kids who want to shine in sports, as this movie teaches the importance of diet, discipline and mental stamina. I used to adore you earlier itself, but after watching this movie, I am in so love with your game and everything Saina akka. Please keep inspiring us like this and I really want you to start taking part once again in competitions.

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