When I was asked to participate in #TheBookBlogtrain, I had accepted it with a lot of doubts initially. My doubts were centred on mainly, whether I would be able to review the books or not.

My mommy’s friends told her to just capture the books which I would love to read in the blog and publish it. Also participating in this #TheBookBlogtrain would give my mommy an exposure as to how the book reviews would be done.

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But as you all know a kid like me would have lots and lots of favorite books and also my likes would keep changing a lot. So to decide which books to pick itself was a huge task for two of us. Then we had finally decided to write on the Sea Creatures books, which are my current favorites.

Read my recommendations on Sea Creatures books here

Thanks to Vidhya and Siddhi aunties, my mom got to expand her blogger friends circle. And you know what?, she is going to set up reading room based on the tips she got there. Till date, all my books were strewn here and there. So now during the forth coming summer holidays, me and my mom are going to prepare some nice book markers, book holders at home. The inspiration came from this train only. So thought of sharing this here with you all.

Thank you friends for all your lovely comments and blog love. Seeing your love on our blog, now I am tempted to write my next set of favorite books. May be me and my mom should start a series on the books itself? What do you think? Will it be good?

Chalo then, have a nice day and all the best to all the participants of #TheBookBlogtrain from my end. Hope to see you all back soon.

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