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R – day

I am here again today with another alphabet. Yes, you guessed it right, today its “R” for the #A to Z Challenge. And so I am coming up with the story of Ranganatha Swamy from Indian Mythology. I know you all must be surprised to see that I didn’t pick up the common names like Rama, Ravana, etc. He is the one and only Reclining God from Indian Mythology. So thought of talking about him today, instead of other famous characters.

As my granny wanted to see Sri Rangam, we took her there and after visiting the temple there, I found out that the main god in that temple is in sleeping position. Reclining on a big snake. I just couldn’t control my curiosity and asked my granddad as to why this god is sleeping and won’t he get bored the whole day to sleep like that? When he will get up and go out to work or to play?

Why Ranganatha Swamy is the Reclining god:

My granddad told me that Ranganatha Swamy is none other than Lord Vishnu (my friend) and he is overseeing his creation in the sleep. Did you guys understand anything? Nope right? The same thing with me too, so I asked my granddad to explain in more details.

He told me that the entire world is nothing but God’s creation. Brahma would be creating us, and Shiva would be destroying us. But whereas Vishnu would protect us. So that’s why we can see in some temples of Ranganatha Swamy, both Shiva and Brahma would also be present along with the main deity (Ranganatha Swamy).

So this Ranganatha Swamy is always observing us and protecting us. While doing that continuously all the days one gets tired right. That’s why he is lying down in his most comfortable position. His aunties, Lakshmi and Bhudevi are pressing his legs and making him feel relaxed. Of course, I didn’t understand the main intention in sleeping continuously, but my mom told me to accept this fact and get going, as this position has deep philosophical meaning and is beyond my understanding. I think that these elders don’t know how to explain it to kids like me and that’s why they tell all these things. What say, folks?

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My doubts:

Just between us, I have a lot of doubts you know? When my granddad was lying down on the bed continuously post-operation, the doctor told him to get up and walk as otherwise bedsores would come it seems. So I am worried what if, this Ranganatha Swamy would get those bed sores, then who would cure him. I can’t sleep for a long time, but how can this Swamy sleep throughout the day? What about his food and bath? But as an obedient boy, I had to hear my mom and keep my questions with me itself. Maybe I would ask little Krishna when I meet him in the dream world next. Please don’t tell all these doubts to my mom, otherwise, she would again call me a question bank.

Reclining God – Ranganatha Swamy’s temples in India:

There are a lot of temples in India for this Reclining god (I like to always refer him as the reclining god, as I had never seen somebody reclining for so long). The most famous temples are listed below:

  1. Sri Rangapatnam in Karnataka also called as Adi Ranga temple
  2. Sri Rangam in Trichy, Tamilnadu also called as Antya Ranga temple.

There are a lot of other temples for Ranganatha Swamy, but people primarily visit the above two temples only.

My personal take away:

I had visited only Srirangam till date and want to visit other temples also and find out more about this interesting god after I grow up little more. Also, I want to find out the answers to all my doubts regarding this god.

Also, there is an interesting song in a movie on Ranganatha Swamy. I love to dance for that song, as there are a lot of floor moments involved in that dance. But I am not clear on the lyrics. My mom tells me that after I grow up and learn more about this god, I would understand those lyrics also better. The link for that song in Hindi is here.

Song from Dashavatharam movie in Hindi : Youtube

So this is my story folks for the Letter R. Hope you enjoyed it. Meet you on coming Monday, with a new letter. Till then have fun and here is the link for my earlier articles in this series. It’s so nice to participate in #BlogchatterA2Z and #AtoZChallenge

Indian Mythology, Shravmusings, #BlogchatterA2Z, #AtoZChallenge
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#A to Z Challenge, #BlogchatterA2Z, Indian Mythology, Reclining God, Shravmusingswrites
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