Hello folks, looks like you guys forgot our greeting….what is that??? Yes, you got it, its Howah Howah….so how are things with you all?

We went to Rameshwaram to see my friend Hanuman’s house…My mommy told me that Hanuman lives on Gandhamadana mountain in Rameshwaram. Since my granny also wanted to go there, we all had decided to go there and I told them that we need to go only by train as I wanted to explore the vestibule completely and understand the logic behind the same. I also wanted to know why the train has to change the tracks and how the sound would come when the train changes the tracks. So here I am, all set to explore the new world.

      We reached Rameshwaram the next day morning and can you imagine, the bridge which we traveled will open up and the ships will move from one direction to the other. My parents showed me the bridge and I got really scared thinking what if a ship comes when we are on the bridge and the bridge opens up suddenly? Then my mommy and daddy told me that there would be people managing the boat and train traffic just like our police uncles on the road. But tell me honestly, what if those uncles are on leave..I see so much of traffic jams and chaos on the roads, just because the police uncles are not there…anyways, my train passed that bridge with out any problem. But this is a worrisome thought for me you know…

          Next we went to the beach in the evening and we stayed there for a long time, we saw the moon rise from the beach and the moonlight playing with the beach waters…I wanted to catch that moon light, but you know, am afraid of beach waters, so that’s why I just kept quiet you know..

           I never imagined that my friend Hanuman lives off on a hill where there is no house actually? I was totally surprised to see just a temple, with no bedroom and bathroom…then I asked my mommy how can anybody live here? My mommy told me that Hanuman is a monkey and so he doesn’t need a cot to sleep or a bathroom to take bath…he would sleep on the trees and would eat fruits. That’s why the fruits on that mountain are very tasty…I had water melon there you know. In case, you also want them, we can always go back to Hanuman’s house and Hanuman will never say NO to me.

         Then my mommy showed me the floating stone, which never sinks…when me and my mommy are doing experiments at house, I learnt that only light weight things like leaves and papers float in water and stones and pebbles, toys will all go down the water…but looks like all my experiments are false….so when I asked that question to the uncle there who was showing us that floating stone, then he asked me to pick up a stone from the road…aah..how dirty it would be, I wouldn’t touch it, but my daddy had bend down and picked up a stone from the road. Surprisingly that stone has gone into the well…but the stone showed by  the uncle has not gone down…do you guys know that logic? My mommy told me that its because of Rama, Hanuman’s boss touched those stones, that’s why they wont sink….so I think I should go and meet Mr. Rama…do you guys have an idea, as to where Rama lives? My Mommy told me that we need to go to North India, to meet him…so now, I have to make a plan to visit North India…what say folks??? Already am surprised to see so many new things, so am bit worried what else we get to see when we meet Rama

          Goody Good, so you guys are going to join me in my next adventure to meet Mr. Rama right then? OK, see you real soon then, I will let you know when we can go there together next time..
Bye till then…