I went by train to Kanyakumari in February right, that time, we had to wait in the station for some time, as my train came late. That’s when I got to see and learn that Trains can’t take u-turns. First of all, I also didn’t believe like you guys…but later when my Mommy explained me and showed me only I came to understand. So thought of sharing with you all, as am sure most of you guys might not be knowing this like me, as when we travel in train, we won’t be able to observe it.

        There is an uncle called signal man who works very hard, and controls all the trains. With out him, the trains can’t run smoothly you see. This uncle tells the driver which track to use and when to go or stop, just like our traffic police uncles. So you can call him railway traffic police uncle instead of signalman. Somehow, the sound signal man doesn’t sound that nice to me, when compared to the traffic police. You know the reason why? the moment we use the word police, people would get scared, so thats good isnt it for all the hard work the uncle puts in.

          So whenever the train or the engine needs to take a u-turn, the signal man uncle would turn the lever and then the tracks would join accordingly. Then the train would go either front or back depending on the need. That means, they just can’t take the u-turns as what our normal cars or bikes do…so poor trains, they miss all that fun of taking sudden u-turns and stopping the traffic isn’t it?

            So whether the train should go forward or backward would all be in the signal man’s uncles hands. He is so powerful isn’t it. So I just want to be like him, when I grow big so that I can control such  bigggg trains. Do you know how big the trains in Kanyakumari are?

I got tired of walking on the platform you see…but my Dad was able to walk twice the entire length of the platform with out any issues. He was not at all tired and he didn’t ask his mommy to carry him. How cool he is naa…I just want to be big and strong like him…so guys now tell me what should I eat to become like my Dad and this signal man uncle fast…I don’t want to sit in the school, but want to be in the stations, watching trains and controlling them…may be the Engine driver uncle is also cool. As I still didn’t get a chance to go into the Engine, I don’t know how the Engine driver uncle would drive the train…so I have to tell my friends Govinda and Krishniah to give me that chance of entering into the Engine fast, what say folks?