ZEE5 once again is coming up with another list of wonderful movies that are to be released in August once again. This time, we picked up a movie instead of a cartoon series for me as the weekend movie to watch. That movie is Pareeksha and is supposed to be about a kid and his dream of becoming big in real life. Read further to know, why it’s a must-watch movie for all kids.

Pareeksha as the name suggests is a real exam for a kid by the name of Bulbul. Whether Bulbul would be able to pass his exams at school along with the exams thrown by life. This movie is written and directed by the well-known director Prakash Jha. He is known for his famous films like Aarakshan, Satyagraha, Rajaneeti, Jai Gangajaal, etc. 

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This Pareeksha movie is based on the real-life of former DGP of Bihar, Shri Abhiyanandan His success story proves that despite all the hardships faced in life, still there is some hope for the poor and downtrodden in India. And they can really fulfill their dreams if tried hard. Though he was working as a Police Officer, he used to teach freely for the kids from poor economic backgrounds. By introducing the beauty of education to the children in the Naxal infested areas in Bihar, he got a whole lot of changes in society. And that is why his success story has become famous.   This movie is all about a rickshaw puller, Buchi (portrayed by Adil Hussain), and his kid Bulbul (portrayed by Shubham).  As Buchi drops few kids to a good school, he starts dreaming that his bright kid also should go to a school like that so that he can achieve something big in life and will not stagnate like him as a Rickshaw puller in the future. Bulbul is an incredibly talented young kid but was forced to stay back in the class due to their poor economic conditions.

Shravmusings, Movie review, Movies, Pareeksha, Pareeksha movie review, ZEE5, ZEE5 movie reviews, ZEE5 movies
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The reason why I picked up this movie for my kid is that he treats everything lightly and is not serious about anything. He does not even know what hardships really are.  He thinks the entire life would be a bed of flowers for him. So, I felt that this movie would show the real hard side of life.  As there are a lot of other kids out there who really struggle to get a decent education. This kind of realistic movie is needed to show the hard-hitting truths about our society to our children. That’s the main reason why I feel that this is a must-watch movie for all kids

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This movie has a wonderful star cast. Adhil Hussain, Sanjay Suri, Priyanka Bose, and the child actor, Shubham. I saw from the trailer that all of them are acting with such ease and in fact, competing. The trailer is a must watch and you can watch the trailer by clicking here.

So, now you know why I had picked up my weekend movie as Pareeksha. So now what about you? Let me know your comments on Pareeksha after watching the movie.