Pareeksha Movie Review – Why Every Child Should Watch?

We watched the Pareeksha as per our earlier weekend plans. ZEE5,  nor Prakash Jha has disappointed us with the movie. My mommy is so very apt in picking up this movie as the weekend pick. There is so much that one can get to learn from the movie Pareeksha. Here is my Pareeksha Movie Review.   

Movie Review:  

Pareeksha as the name suggests is a real exam for a kid by name Bulbul. Whether Bulbul would be able to appear his exams at school along with the exams thrown by life.  The movie starts in a small-town Ranchi in Bihar. My mom reminded me that this is the same place we flew down to last year while traveling to Jamshedpur to meet my cousins. So, this movie got more interesting for me for that reason.   

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I was more attracted to the child actor. His original name is Shubham and he plays the role of Bulbul perfectly. Bulbul in this movie Pareeksha reminded me of my school friend. Bulbul character says so much with his body language just like my other friend. Bulbul’s father and mom are also good. Adhil Hussain played the role of Bulbul father’s role and Priyanka Bose played the role of Bulbul’s mom. Sanjay Suri comes as the cop in this movie and he has a limited role to play. But his role is also critical for the movie. After seeing the way, Sanjay Suri has enacted the role, I was thinking of how it would be if I also become a cop. When I told my mom this, she told me that we need to do a lot of hard work. My mom says that all the actors have done good justice to their roles.  

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 The movie editing and dialogues are good. I don’t understand Hindi much but could sit through the entire movie as it was never boring. We can follow the entire movie very clearly and my mom used to always translate at the place I was not able to understand. That’s really a plus point for this movie. 

Pareeksha Movie Review, Shravmusings, Kid Blogger, Chennai Blogger, Movie Review, ZEE5 Movies, ZEE5

Why Every Child Should watch Pareeksha? 

My mom says that every child should watch the movie Pareeksha for the following reasons and I tend to agree with her.  

  1. This movie shows the hard work all the parents put in so that they can give good life to their kids. 
  1. This movie also teaches that being Humble and expressing Empathy are always great virtues. The person who really wins, in the end, is the person who is humble about his start. 
  1. Having dreams is not a crime and we all should strive to achieve those dreams.  
  1. Hard work is the only path for success.  
  1. Peer Pressure will always be there, and we kids shouldn’t buckle under the peer pressure to do the wrong things. We need to stand strong on our beliefs.  

So, friends, this is my Pareeksha movie review. I liked this movie a lot and am planning to recommend it to all my friends. What about you, have you watched the Pareeksha? If not, please do watch it on ZEE5 immediately.  

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