New Cultural Hub of Chennai for all book lovers

The other day, my mom took me to the #British Council Library. This place is totally different from the library images I had in mind.  Entering into the library is like entering into a big vibrant and colorful wall. There are so many interesting posters everywhere and the more I liked it is given below. Obviously, that’s the world cup picture.

Can you believe that this building is 60 years and this library is running for more than 70 years in Chennai? The building or the courtyard looks so refreshing. We can sit anywhere and read. There are no huge tables and rows of chairs. All you can see is that people relaxing on beanbags, or small couches and reading.

The variety of books at the young reader’s section is so awesome that I feel like spending the whole day. Maybe, the library team heard my mind and so they are conducting a new #Holidaycamp for kids like me in this Christmas break.


Kids – Don’t worry – it’s just a 2-hour program and we are going to have so much fun with the activities it seems. Trust me, there are no boards in the classroom and the teachers were playing a game in one of the classrooms that I had observed. So I was thinking of joining here along with my friend Hari, as it would be fun to spend in such warm and cozy surroundings, that too only with books.

The aunty who gave us the walkthrough of the library told us that this course is for 4 days only and we need to register at their website. We all can know how to use English as a tool and have a variety of fun activities. Isn’t it wonderful to learn new concepts of a language instead of reading from the textbook in the school? So will wait to see you guys at the library for this #Holidaycamp

We even can have a family membership done in this library and then our entire family can visit this place for a half-a-day trip. There is something or the other for everybody in the family.  So I was telling my mom that if we come here often, then it would be like a day well spent for all of us. Now, I need to convince my dad to take one Saturday off in a month from his busy schedule so that we can visit here often.

They have a wide variety of books, magazines, reference books, audiobooks, and films too. Isn’t it awesome?  Young readers section is brimming with such a wide variety of books that my TBR list got expanded to twice its size already,  by just browsing the books in one section alone. Not only kid’s fiction, but they also have a wide variety of reference books which will help us in preparing the content for our projects done in the school. I am planning to tell my aunty at the school to register our school in their institutional program so that we can get to visit this library from the school itself.

There are a lot more events that happen for the elder kids, parents, and everyone. So please check my mom’s post or their website for more details.

Looking forward to meeting you during this Christmas break or during one of the weekends at the library.


Tomorrow is the super exciting day with Pink Ball

Tomorrow is going to be the super exciting day as we are going to have our first test match with Pink ball. That too, it’s going to be a day and night test match. Thank god, the match is going to start on a Friday. What a super exciting weekend it’s going to be. Do you all agree with this or not?


In fact, most of the newspapers are also full of this news only, saying that this test with the Pink ball is going to be super exciting. After seeing so much being discussed about the Pink ball, I asked my dad as to why there is so much hype about this new Pink ball and how is it so different from the earlier white ball.

Then, he told me that the pink color has been selected to improve the visibility of the ball in the night time.  He recalled how my mom rejects my requests to play cricket at my house in the night with the yellow tennis ball. That’s mainly because the yellow color or the white color is not visible very clearly under the lights. That’s so wonderful, isn’t it? The management really thought about all the problems players face while playing cricket and that’s why they are introducing the new Pink ball. I asked my dad also to get me the Pink ball, so that I can play all the time. Now, my mom will not have any reasons to say NO for my cricket isn’t it?

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Now comes the best part, as the match is going to be the day and night match, I can cooly watch the whole match without missing any part. Who would like to miss our famous Mayank’s sixers tell me? Even Mr. Sixer Umesh is so fabulous to watch, isn’t it? I want to bowl like him you know. Earlier I used to copy Bumrah a lot, but poor Bumrah has got a sprain in his wrist and is missing a lot of matches. I hope his mom is taking good care of Bumrah. But I just want to see both Bumrah and Umesh on the field together. That’s why I wrote this message to Virat. Hopefully one of you guys, will send this message to Virat uncle isn’t it? Please let me know how excited you are about the Pink ball test tomorrow.

PC: Google

Message to Virat Kohli:

Dear Virat uncle,

All the very best for the super exciting match tomorrow. My sincere request to you is that please try to finish this match by Sunday. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to see the match till late night on Sunday. I have the school on Monday and my mom is very strict about my bed timings. In case, if you think that the match would extend beyond Sunday, can you please call my mom and ask her for permission to stay up late.

Also, please tell Mayank to play carefully as this is a new ball and I heard that it swings a lot from the commentators. I just hope that Umesh will not get any sprain in the wrist just like Bumrah, while playing this new ball which is little more heavier. Wish to be present in the stadium to see how this match unfolds, but can’t do that as I am still small and my mom won’t allow me to travel.

I had a dream the other day, that I am playing along with you and you are teaching me new techniques in batting. And we were using all the white, red and pink balls in our practise itseems. Honestly, am not able to decide whether I want to be a batsman or a bowler or a commentator. Commenting seems fun, but at the same time, what’s fun in just sitting in one room tell me? We need to be on the ground playing and sweating out isn’t it. What’s your recommendation for me in this regard?

Also, I want Rohit to hit century, its been ages since Rohit played nicely again. What a treat it was to watch Rohit in the world cup. Can you please tell Rohit uncle also to play nicely. I keep talking and shouting so much during the match that my mom tells me that my neighbours are getting annoyed. Please tell my mom to chill out and enjoy the match along with me.

I also want to meet you all when you come to Chennai next time during the IPL season. I am following the initial talks on the IPL preparation from now itself. May be post IPL, in summer I might get a chance to join the cricket academy. I need your strong recommendation on the same to my mom too. Will you come and meet me please..I will share all my stuff with you.

It’s that time of the year…

It’s that time of the year, where everyone keeps talking about a lot of celebrations and festivals. Its that time of the year, where we remember our father of the Nation in the first week. Yes, its Ocotber and we do remember our Gandhiji in the first week. How can a day pass without hearing about the Swachbharat or about Gandhiji?

That’s why one uncle came to our school and gave us a presentation about Swachbharat. He told us how bad the plastic covers and other plastic items. Do you know, my favorite big blue whale is getting a lot of tummy ache because we dump lot of plastic into the oceans and its eating that. So now, me and my friends have decided that we will not use any plastic at all. Poor fishes in the ocean, we all should save them isn’t it?

Also, this is not that time of the year, where in people talk about Kollu (Gollu) and there is no role for us boys in that entire week. Only girls are pampered and they get dressed like big girls and keep going around the houses. All we boys get to do is eat sundal only.

I hope you heard about Kollu (it’s the doll display). In Chennai, during every Navaratri, we keep Gollu in every house. Then we do visit our friends and relatives place to see the Kollu. At that time, all girls will be given special treatment and they would be asked to sing songs and dance too. Some girls do the traditional indian dance also. Even in the temples that’s the same case.

Boy’s will not have any work in the other people’s house. If our mommy is a real cool one like that of mine, she would allow you to arrange the dolls display otherwise in most of the houses they wouldn’t even let us touch the dolls as they are fragile itseems. So in that case, all we boys get to do is to wear the Indian traditional dress, roam around and eat sundal, thats all.

I asked my granddad, why this partiality towards girls during this season. My grand dad explained that actually even boys have important work in the earlier days itseems. When he was a small child like me, he used to go to school every day. Then his master (at that time there are no aunties and anna’s in the school itseems, there were only masters) would take all the boys around the village. These boys will play the different instruments like tabla, or flute and go around the houses. Then these kids used to recite tough sanskrit shlokas or do oral sums to show their parents what and all they learnt in the school that year. So I think its more like our Open day, but not in the school, but at every house. Do you agree with me on this?

Also, the master used to teach boys shooting arrows, and they used to conduct few games in the school. But over a period of time, all these traditions have disappeared itseems. So now only, girls get all the attention and we boys have to just sit and watch.

How I wish, we also can sing songs, dance or recite those tough shloka’s during these kollu celebrations. I think, we should all tell these elders that they should involve both boys and girls equally in all celebrations. What say folks?

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My Love Hate Relationship with Rains

Now that Monsoons have started in Chennai, my relationship with rains have gone again to another level. Every season, my relationship with rains would change. I hate summer rains, I like monsoon rains, I hate winter rains and spring rains are the best!! Wonderign why I am having this Love Hate Relationship with Rains? Let me explain it little better.

Here in Chennai, the Summer rains would typically come in the evening that with damaal dhumeel sounds. Didn’t understand it yet? After the intense heat in the morning, which would be very sultry, suddenly the sky would turn pitch black and the rains would start in no time with heavy winds. Then comes the loud thunder sounds, which I hate as I don’t like those sudden loud noises. Even my pet brother gets scared of them.

But Monsoon rains are soo sweet, we will have the rains whole day. It would be steady drizzles and I love to play in them. Even my pet brother comes out and plays with me some times. We both dance in the rains. The best part of these monsoon rains is that, we would always have the hot soup or green tea ready for us in the house. As soon as we start feeling little cold, we can go into the house, change our clothes and mommy would give hot soup. After drinking the soup, we can go out into the rain and mommy would never say anything. Also, the long drives during monsoons would be very good. We can stop to eat hot corn or mirchi bajji you know?

Winter rains are so boring, already it would be cold outside and if at all if rain comes also it would be very cold and my mommy will not allow me to play. Also my granny gets worried that the crops would get spoiled if it rains in winter. So I always pray to my friend little Krishna and rain god not to rain in winters you know.

Spring rains are the best out of all rains, as it would get us the nice fresh scents from the earth and blooming spring flowers. We would have missed rains for a long time right, so my mom would also join in me celebrating the spring rains. That’s another reason why I like the spring rains. What about you friends?

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When I met my Dream Girl PV Sindhu

Yesterday was the most exciting day for me. You know why? I got to see PV Sindhu akka’s final match. I just couldn’t get over the way she played the match. She is the fastest shuttler I can say. I kept replaying her back hand in my mind all through the evening. But later in the evening when the test cricket match started between India and the West Indies, I got involved in that match.

Picture Credit: Google

As it was getting late, my mom dragged me to bed and we talked so much about PV Sindhu akka so much even before falling asleep. Then you know what happened?

I met my dream girl PV Sindhu akka. She came to our shuttle court and I was playing there with my coach all alone. None of my teammates were there at that time. Suddenly, we see Sindhu akka walking into the court. I was so surprised and stood still. She just said HI to Vallabh sir and came to me directly. When she gave her hand, I was bit hesitant to shake my hand, as I felt that she looks just like the angel my mom describes in the stories.

Then we spoke a little and she asked me to play with her, and she taught so many moves especially on the footwork part. She showed me how to move across the court faster. I felt like it was a Cheetah, which was moving in the court and not Sindhu akka, as she was faster than a Cheetah on the court.

I asked Sindhu akka how she learnt to play so well and didn’t she feel scared to go to Switzerland all alone to play the game without her parents. She told me that she is used to going alone and that now she is grown up, she should go alone. Sindhu akka told me that I would also become a brave boy after I grow up little more.

She told me that her coach, Gopichand sir has trained her on all the techniques. Can you believe that her coach asks her to come to the court by 4:30 AM every day. Whenever I get up early morning to catch a flight to Vizag, I feel that its midnight only as it would be pitch dark outside. So Akka must be really working hard to get up so early isn’t it?

Picture Credit: Deccan Chronicle

Can you believe that she won’t use her mobile phone or watch TV? Then I asked her how can she find her relaxation if she doesn’t watch all that. She told me that she would only read books (especially those of sportspersons) and relax with music. Looks like, her coach and parents are very strict that way. Thank god, my coach nor my parents are that way. But I think, if I have to become like her, I also should follow her footsteps, and work hard. What say, folks? Mommy says, without hard work, we cannot reach our goals.

Sindhu akka told me that she would sleep early in the night and would eat only healthy food. But I like Pizza’s so how can I stop them. Akka told me to eat them only once a month. (I think, Sindhu akka met my mom before meeting me, as she is talking exactly like my mom).

I told her that I am eager to play the matches just like her and when will I grow up as big as her? She told me to have patience and play/learn from my coach regularly. She gave me the same tips as Bumrah. “Eat well, Practice hard and Sleep good“. I think this is what all the sportspersons tell. Even my Satish anna says the same. So, Dancers and sports persons behave exactly the same. What say, friends?

Post our match, I took Sindhu akka around my area and asked her to come home. I was showing my garden and the birds nesting there, suddenly I heard “Kausalya Supraja Rama”. I started wondering who is playing Venkateswara Suprabatham in the evening and looked around.

Can you imagine? I am in my bedroom on my bed, and my mobile is singing the Venkateswara Suprabatham as its Monday morning. So then only I realized that I met my dream girl PV Sindhu akka in my dream only. I felt so sad about not meeting her in reality. I really wish that a day would come when I get to meet her and talk to her. Please pray for me that I get a chance to meet PV Sindhu akka at least once in the near future.

Dream Girl PV Sindhu

Till then, I think, I should only talk to her poster given by my coach Vallabh Sir. My mom pasted that poster in my toy room. Do you want to see that one?

5 Top Bhajan Songs that Kids love on Janmasthami

Yesterday was the Janmasthami right? So me and Mom were busy trying to welcome my good old friend Krishna into our house. After doing all the decorations, my mom told me to sing my favorite Bhajan Songs for Krishna. In the mean time, my friend also joined me, so we both sang those bhajans. I am suprised to see that, even he likes those songs. I think all little Krishna’s friends love these songs. Want to know what they are?

Muripala Gopala Krishna (Telugu)

This is my all time favorite song and I sing that every time. I will share my video later. I always wonder how these girls dance without their shoes on grass and sand. But I like this song so much and my granny asks me to sing infront of the guests if someone visits us. Tell me, won’t the kids get bored to keep singing whenever someone visits our house. We need to have the mood to sing isn’t it? Then only the song would come out nicely. I don’t understand why people always force us the kids to display all our talents.

Muripala Gopala Krishna

Maadu Meikkum Kanne (Tamil)

This song, also I learnt it in the School only. Initially I struggled a lot with the pronounciation and the words. Then I asked my mom to teach me this song. So she spoke to my aunty and got to know the song name and played it for a while on her mobile. That’s how me and my mom learned this song. My dad says, why are you guys torturing me with all this tamil songs, as he doesn’t understand even a single word out of it. So during one of those Janmasthami’s last year, we made my dad and granddad sit down and I explained this full song to them. Then they both also started loving this song. Itseems, the aunty who sings this song is very famous. I like her voice a lot.

Maadu Meikkum

Kasturi Tilakam (Sanskrit)

This is the first bhajan (we can call it as a shloka too) I learnt as a kid. So I like to sing it every time, whenever there is some puja for little Krishna.

Kasturi Tilkam

Choti Choti Gaiya (Hindi)

This song, I learnt in my school, during one of the Janmasthami celebrations. I love this song so much that I used to ask my aunty to sing this song even after the Janmasthami celebrations are over. She used to normally oblige me as she too likes my expressions while singing this song. Guessing, how I came to know about it? She wrote it in my farewell letter to me which all aunties give to their kids before the start of the summer holidays.

Choti Choti Gaiyan

Muddu Gare Yasodha (Telugu)

This is the song, I used to hear so many times when I was a baby. This song is written by Annamacharya itseems. I would fall asleep, only if this song is played. So even now, the moment this tune comes up somewhere, I can immediately recognise.

Muddugare Yasodha

There is also one more famous song by Annamacharaya called Chinni Sishuvu, Chinni Sishuvu. I used to listen to this song in the afternoons. Itseems, I had preference for various songs to be played at different times as a kid. That’s what my mom says.

Chinni Sisuvu

There are lot more songs/bhajan’s I learnt on Krishna. But these are my all time favorites. What about you? Which bhajan songs do you like to sing on Krishna asthami or Janmasthami. Please let me know the bhajan songs in other languages also. I would love to learn as many languages as possible.

5 Top Bhajan Songs for Janasthami

By the way, how did you guys celebrate your Janmasthami? What specials you made and how did you welcome little Krishna into your house. Please let me know. We had put Krishna’s footprints from gate to the puja mandapam welcoming Krishna and made lot of decorations and sang the Bhajan Songs on Little Krishna after offering the Prasadam. Do you know the funny part, apart from the other prasadam’s mommy made at home, we also offered the Blackforest cake to Krishna. Can you guess the reason why? Let me know in comments OK?

Outside My Window

My Mom was talking about a new term, which I haven’t heard till date constantly with her blogger friends. That term is called #BlogHop. So I asked my mom as to what she is talking over the phone. She explained to me that #BlogHop is similar to the #Blogtrain we did for #XploreBharat some time back. But here every one would be writing on a certain prompt and this month prompt is Outside My Window.

The moment, I heard that word, Outside My Window, two scenes came to my mind. One is my daily morning ritual of gazing out of the window from our library room. I would love to spend an eternity watching the clouds pass by and the shapes these clouds take would be so funny at times. White fluffy clouds passing on a light blue sky so majestic and always makes me wonder where they are all going? In the begining, I used to think that they are going to school and that’s why they are rushing. Now since I am learning about Earth and other planets, I am able to understand little better. But its still an awesome sight you know.

The next scene, I remembered was from the train window. When we travel to Rajahmundry through Circar Express, the train runs through the East Godavari district before reaching Rajahmundry and we get to see clean green paddy fields with small small canals of Godavari running in between them.

At times, when I am lucky, the train stops for a signal and I get to see them to heart’s content. I always ask my mom as to whether I can get down the fields and play there. But my mom says it would be all slushy and I need to grow up little more to play there, as currently I don’t like to walk on slushy roads itself. But won’t you guys agree that its a real beauty to look at for eternity. So in Godavari districts, we do get to see the beautiful green paddy fields Outside My train Window

But we have to get back to our daily life isn’t it? My aunties and friends would be waiting for me in my Montessori house so I have to rush. What about you my dear friends?

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My chat with Boom Boom Bumrah

Now a days, my interests have shifted and did I tell you about it? I had left Dance during the summer holidays and started playing sports. Do you know what is my favorite sport of all? It’s shuttle badminton and I forced my mom to join me in the badminton club for that reason only and I am practising shuttle almost daily. But I wanted to tell you one little secret, even I am not immune to the Cricket fever, which has gripped the entire India. Do you know who is my current best friend/hero? It’s none other than Boom Boom Bumrah!!

Boom Boom Bumrah
PC : Google

I was watching him in all the matches so far and I like the way he comes running down the pavillion to bowl. Bumrah’s running style is quite unique and am practising so hard to copy him, but not able to get that expertise till now.

You know why Bumrah has become my favorite? The way, he bowls his yorkers and most of the time he aims only at stumps. My dad told me that its the most difficult way to take the wickets. He and his best friend Kohli are such a cute pair you know like me and H in the school. Whenever, Kohli goes and talks to our Boom Boom Bumrah, there goes the wicket boom boom. Don’t you all agree now, as to why I was saying that theirs is the best friendship?

Do you know who kept the name Boom Boom Bumrah? Its the audience in the stands during the India vs Bangladesh match. But I have another name for him? Can you guess what it is? It’s 3B bowler. (couldn’t guess the reason for it isn’t it? It’s very simple my dear friend – Boom Boom Bumrah the bowler makes it 3B bowler isn’t it?) Hope you like this name too!!

I just hope that, I get a chance to meet Bumrah and his friend Kohli one day when they come to play IPL in Chennai. You know what I would do then? I am going to talk a lot to Bumrah and understand how he can bowl so fast and who taught him that unique running style.

I will also learn running like that, as its so much fun and you can see that sweet little smile on Bumrah’s face when he runs. I also want to field like him, he is such a good fielder. But Bumrah, why you don’t come for batting? I want to see your batting style too. I hope one day, you would come along with your best friend Kohli to bat and let me tell you, when you start to bat, all the bowlers would run away, as you have got that style.

Kohli – first of all, I want to ask you, why you didn’t take Bumrah to visit that granny on the stands in the India vs Bangladesh match? I saw it on the social media. I was expecting that you would take your friend everywhere, just like H and me go around in the school. But you forgot naa? Won’t my boom boom feel bad about it?

Kohli – what is the secret you always share with Bumrah? Infact the way, you talk and show your hands is very funny and I like that. But please tell team not to chew a lot of gum, as its bad for their teeth. My mommy says so. But, I know, you won’t chew it, as I had seen it. Your expressions are really cute like that of mine, while I dance. I also like the way you come out in the advertisements also. But there also you are leaving Bumrah.

Bumrah – Will you be able to convince my mom, so that she can join me in the Cricket coaching camp too? I want to bowl like you and my mom says that no time post Shuttle and gymnastics. Agree, that, I love those two, but I love Cricket too. So if you talk to my mom may be she will agree. What say? Your expressions after taking the wickets are really cute. Do you know that?

Bumrah the Great!!!
PC : Google

Lastly – I am not sure, whether I can ask this to you or not? But would you mind coming to my birthday (which falls this month only after the World Cup tournament). We can have a big party, and I will dance only for you. Hope your coach will allow you to visit me? Tell me, is your coach very strict? Both my coaches are strict only, but don’t shout much on me. But, I heard that some coaches are really strict and shout a lot. I had seen in Dangal movie and if I get a coach like that Dangal father, I would leave the sport and run away. If that’s the case, tell your mommy, she would take care of the coach. OK? In case, you are coming please don’t forget to get your best friend Kohli too. Let him also enjoy with us. I hope Anushka aunty would allow Kohli to come with you.

Chalo, my mommy is telling that enough of this letter (post), she is telling me that you wouldn’t have time to read my post. But since you are my hero Boom Boom Bumrah, I think you would read my post. Please let me know your views OK?

When your School Reopens after Holidays?

YaY! I am very happy these days. You know why? I was waiting for a long time as to when will our school reopens?

All this summer, though I had a lot and lots of fun with my cousins, I was missing my school gang and the fun we used to have during Park time or Yoga time. Wondering how to have fun during Yoga time. When you have your own gang of friends you all can have fun anywhere and everywhere. Our aunties really get tired of us, as we can’t just sit still and chant Omkaram for a minute continuously. I can meet my school friends only after the school reopens, isn’t it?

You know the other day, we went to the park for our physical training (P.T). There normally we do warm up exercises before we start practising our football or any other game. While doing our warm up exercises, A’s shoelace got untied. Me and H were eyeing that shoe lace only. So now guess what happened? You all expected A to fall down or I like a very good boy warning A about the fall isn’t it? But No, I fell down, as I didn’t concentrate on my jump rope as my entire concentration was on A’s shoelace.

But you know what? I didn’t feel the hurt, as my friends came and helped me and shared their watermelon with me. That’s what the friends are for isn’t it?

The other day, during our Art time, we started with a simple painting, and slowly we are moving towards a bigger canvas. At that time, what happened was that H has dropped blue paint on his white shorts. What do you think we all did? Instead of letting H, wash his shorts, we all took our brushes and changed that blue drop into a big bird. A bird sitting in shorts is funny to watch isn’t it?

Now, tell me will you get this kind of fun in the house, even though you are with a gang of cousins. Schools give us unlimited options to enjoy with friends. We only have too think creatively and use the chance.

The other day, when we were doing our gardening, we found out a small cuckoo bird in the big mango tree outside our school. So we all left watering the plants and started imitating her. When our aunty came outside to see why our group has not come inside even after 10 minutes, she saw us merrily replying back to cuckoo. Our aunty was so nice, she told us to water the plants and talk to the bird. So we just did that.

It’s not that we only have fun, we also learn a lot you know, our aunties keep so many interesting work activities for us that we daily have a tough time to decide which activity to learn or practise.

So friends, do you want to share any funny incidents that happened in your school? I want to hear more from you all. Also, please let me know how eagerly you guys waited for the day the school reopens, in your childhood? In fact, this weekend, I am going to ask my dad and mom also to talk about their schools and the fun they had in the schools. I really wonder why my parents have not gone to the same school. I think I should find out the reason behind it sooner.

My Letter to God about Holidays

Hello Friends, am back after my summer holidays and I had so much blast during these holidays that I didn’t get to read or write any blogs. You know the best part, even my mom was kept on her toes all the time, as we three monkeys kept her very busy. So even she was away from the blogging world. Yesterday, my school opened up after vacations and you know, till day before yesterday, I was happy that I would go and meet my friends, but yesterday morning I decided that I didn’t want to go to school. Do you know the reason? Read my letter to God to find out why I didn’t want to go to school.

PC: Google

Letter to God:

Dear God,

Want to know, why I addressed you as God, instead of my little friend Krishna? Krishna told me in my dreamland that you are the highest of all Gods and they all come to you for your help when need arise. So I thought of sending this letter directly to you instead of talking to my friend Krishna and then he coming to you.

I have a big bigger concern these days. Why do all kids have to go to schools? Who made these schools? Why do these schools open after summer holidays?

Why can’t life be with out schools. Our mommies teach us everything right, so let them be our teachers at home itself, we would love to learn from them rather than going to school. Won’t mommies feel lonely at home, if we leave them and go to school. Mommies don’t play with their friends just like us, so they get bored with out us you know?

During the last summer holidays, me and my cousins played a lot and my mom also joined us in our games, she took us to different places, she cooked for us and our granny fed us. So we were so happy to stay close to our mommy and she telling us various stories, sharing kitchen space with her and cooking snacks for every one. Don’t you think if we go to school, we all miss this fun.

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You should see the face of my mommy when we dropped the cake flour on the floor. If we are in the school, we would miss all this antics of my mommy isn’t it. Then “V” started shouting “flour on floor” and all of us started dancing in that flour. We were slipping and falling down, even my mommy fell once. Ofcourse we all cleaned the floor together, but can we have this kind of fun in school tell me?

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Though my Montessori house is good and not strict, but the fun we have with mommies is superior to the fun we have with friends. You might say that most of the mommies go to work and won’t be able to spend time with you. So for this also, I have one simple solution. Please make a Big rule “Mommies shouldn’t go to Office” and all Mommies have to do is play with kids. Then the government should pay mommies. Isn’t it a simple solution?

Please think hard my dear God, you also played with your mom a lot when you are little Krishna right? So why this schools for us..and help us in getting schools closed, so that we can stay closer to our mommies and have loads of fun. Mommies are our best friends and teachers as well!!

So you will promise me right, that you would keep all kids happy by making them stay with their mommies. See you till then, will meet you in dream land and tell you more stories as to why we should stay with our mommies if you are not convinced with this letter.

Ciao, So long my dear friend!!!

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