#SSSeries: Miffy Muffy and Grumpy

Spring has weaved its magic all over the place. The air is filled with the fragrance of various flowers that started blooming with the onset of Spring. Koel and other birds are not able to keep quiet as their tummies are full of the nectar from the blooming flowers. So, one can hear their continuous chatter and singing from the farms behind the house. In spite of this beautiful climate, Sana is in a very Miffy Muffy mood. No one was able to understand why she is snapping at everyone and is in such a bad sulking mood.

Miffy Muffy Mood:

Miffy, Muffy mood is the word coined by Sana’s mom as Sana always keeps her face tight and sits in a sad mood whenever this mood overtakes her. Her mom calls her a withdrawn kitten too at times when she is not able to bear the tantrums of Sana. This is the first time, Shrav has seen Sana in this mood. He didn’t understand why Sana is behaving very badly like this.

So, Shrav went inside the house and asked Sana’s mom for the possible reason for this mood. When she is not able to give him any plausible reason, he came out to Sana and tried speaking to her directly.

Shrav: What happened Sana – why are you sitting like a withdrawn cat in this corner?

Sana: Go away…I don’t want to talk to anyone.

Shrav: Unless you speak your heart out, we will not be able to understand you my dear…please tell me what happened.

Sana: Yelling, I don’t need help from anyone, I am totally fine and just go away!!!

Shrav: Even, if you yell at me, I don’t want to go and sits on the branch of the tree, under which Sana is swinging.

They both spend some time in silence, just listening to the sounds of birds and watching the changing colors in the evening sky. In the meantime, Shrav observes that Sana’s cycle has fallen wayside, not far from here. He goes and picks it up to notice that the chain has come out of the cycle. He pushes the cycle to Sana and asks if this cycle the reason for her mood. Sana didn’t reply.

Shrav tried putting the cycle chain back to its place and after he fixed the chain, he told Sana that in fact, she has missed the golden opportunity to learn a new skill by sitting and sulking. They both started walking back home…

Sana: Muttering under breath, how I wish, today is Tuesday instead of Sunday.

After overhearing her murmering, Shrav asks what happened? Why she doesn’t want Monday to come.

Sana: I have my Hindi exam on Monday and I am scared that I will fail in that exam, as I am really poor in Hindi.

Shrav: Why are you worried about your future without even reading Hindi once. Let me teach what I would know and he keeps singing Que Sara, Sara, Que Sara.

Sana: What is that new song, can you teach me too?

Shrav: One shouldn’t worry about the future and have to live in the present moment and do our best to enjoy the moment. This song has been taught to me by mom and it’s from an old English movie.

That day evening, Sana practises her Hindi with the help of Shrav. Next day, she returns back from the school in a jubliant mood. And Shrav meets her at the door itself to find out how her exam went.

Later that day, Shrav teaches Sana the song “Que Sara, Sara, Que Sara” and tells her that we need to only live in that moment and if we are worried about anything in the future then, we need to ask for help from others. Taking help from others will teach them a new skill in which those people are experts.

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And that’s just the beginning!!

Some Day Some Day,

We are going to the rule the World

I Know We are going to the rule the World

by Zayde Wolf is playing on loop on the speakers and Shrav is totally immersed in practicing his batting stance in front of the mirror in his room. He never heard the knock on the door, or the loud shout coming from his dad that it’s time for his next class.

As everyone knows, Shrav loves cricket so much that the game has become his second life. It’s becoming difficult day by day to differentiate between the game and Shrav as both of them are becoming inseparable like conjoined twins. Even during the time he spends in college, he would be only present in the body form, and in his mind, he would be facing the balls from the fiercest bowlers on the field. Since he is securing top marks and doesn’t cause much trouble in the class, the college management and lecturers are tolerating his body present, but mentally absent attitude. He is also the trophy bearer for them in all the inter-collegiate cricket matches. He is also able to secure top ranks, as he uses cricket analogies to solve most of the problems in different subjects. Now, even his teachers/evaluators have started looking forward to his solutions, which gives them a different perspective.

The time has come for the Tamilnadu state team selections. So most of the tough teams are competing at their best and trying to get their star players into the state cricket team. Everyone in the college and family has expected a smooth sail for Shrav and in fact, Shrav’s parents have already decided the gift they would be giving to Shrav after the announcement of the State team’s selected list. But, God had different plans this year for them. So, in a freak accident of jumping from the steps on the staircase, Shrav broke his ankle. It was such a nasty fall, that doctors have advised Shrav to take complete bed rest for 2 months at the minimum, which means that he needs to skip the busy cricket season this year.

After recovering, Shrav tried to get back to his cricket in full swing, but that didn’t work out as well. As one problem or the other kept surrounding them. It was either his father’s ill health, or family financial situation, or something else. Though these problems prevented Shrav from stepping into the cricket ground, he is one person who can never be stopped. He kept on playing the game in his mind. And whenever, he could get some time, he tried watching the replay of the matches on the Hotstar or TV.

After a couple of years, another freak call has put Shrav back on to the cricket ground. This time, it came as a quick call from his college friend, Nishant. Nishant has already started playing for the state team, but could never get into the national team. Their team had fallen short of people for an exhibition match and Nishant thought that calling Shrav to fill that position wouldn’t hurt him much.

After a gap of three years, Shrav got an opportunity to finally step onto the cricket ground. He was a little nervous in the beginning, but since it was their team’s turn to the field, he was able to control his nervousness and was able to field well. Being out in the field has calmed his nerves and the touch of the field under his shoes has filled him up with positive energy, which he has long forgotten. Soon, it was time for their team to bat. Having come as a substitute, Shrav didn’t get a chance to come for batting in the beginning.

The bowlers from the opposite team have started raining full Yorkers and Bouncers. Shrav’s team couldn’t either stand the spinners or the fast bowlers from the opposite team, and they had to bow down at a low score. That is the moment when Shrav walked in as the eighth batsman. The celebrations have already started in the opposite team and the commentators were predicting a good sweep for them.

Initially, Shrav also struggled to establish his stance. He was getting nervous and jittery under the spell of the fast bowlers. It was time for a drinks break and instead of having a sip of water, Shrav just stood at the crease and kept talking to his bat.

And, then it happened….

We can see a marked change in the body language of Shrav and the first ball goes for a six. It’s just like the change we see in a split personality. The batsman we are currently seeing at the crease is a totally new Shrav with a different aura. This new avatar of Shrav is oozing out so much self-confidence and is taking all the bowlers to a sweet little ride by smashing their balls across the field.

This exhibition match is just the new beginning….

and the story continues….. with Shrav in his new jersey and shoes and heightened confidence, in his new journey on the rediscovered path….

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#ReadYourWorld – Book Review: Sissy Goes Tiny

This time I got a book with a different and little funny name to review. This book has been sent to my mom as a part of the MultiCultural Book Day Event. It seems “MultiCultural Book Day” is a special event conducted by two people Valarie Budayr and Mia Wenjen. They both are working towards introducing multicultural books to children and introduce varied cultures and new concepts to children across the world through this event. On this day, a lot of new books from different cultures would be read and reviewed by children across the world as a part of the #ReadYourWorld campaign. My mom got the book “Sissy Goes Tiny” to review as a part of this event only.

My Thoughts on Sissy Goes Tiny:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

In the first chapter, when the author was narrating about Sissy’s bedroom, I just remembered my room only. I also have a huge and fluffy bed like her. But I use that room only as my study and playroom only. I am a little scared to sleep alone. Though I am trying to sleep alone for the last two weeks, in the middle of the night, I go to my parent’s bedroom and sleep with them. Of course, the next day morning, I will invariably fight with them, asking why did they come and take me into their room. It seems it’s mostly, me who go into their room and I don’t remember it.

Coming back to the story, Sissy’s parents think of moving from a big house to a small house. How they go about this move is what the book all about. I got to understand a new concept called purging. This concept helps us to classify our possessions based on our needs. I liked this concept. To date, I never wanted to let go of the toy I played with a long time back. After reading through this book, I now understood the need to let go of the things that we are not using.

I am looking forward to reading about Sissy’s adventures in her new tiny house. I was telling my parents also to buy this tiny house and start living like that, as that means it’s going to be continuous traveling and exploring new places.

My Recommendations:

Sissy Goes Tiny is a book that would introduce the minimalistic living concept to children. This is the first time I heard this concept and I bet most of my friends wouldn’t know this concept. So, I will recommend this book to all the kids my age i.e., 8+ years. I really liked the illustrations of this book. They are big and warm drawings. This book is available on Amazon and here is the link for the same.

About the Authors:

Rebecca “Becky” Flansburg is an author, freelance writer, and blogger from Minnesota who writes about parenthood topics and being a solopreneur. She is mom to two humans and critter mom to way too many pets. Rebecca credits her quick wit and positive outlook on life for keeping her sane and successful. She is a member of Brainerd Writers Alliance and readers can also find her at FranticMommy or on Twitter.

In 2012, bucking societal exceptions and following her inner guidance, B.A. (Beth Ann) Norrgard shed her paralegal costume after 26 years in a downtown high rise and hand-built her tiny house. She is a passionate advocate for others following their dreams and letting go of societal conditioning, and being free to live a larger life in a smaller space. BA is a doer. She has traveled over 14,000 miles with her house and writes about her minimalist, vegan life on her website, and Twitter.

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Multicultural Children’s Book Day2021 (1/29/21) is in its 8thyear! This non-profit children’sliteracy initiative was founded by Valarie Budayr and Mia Wenjen; two diverse book-loving moms who saw a need to shine the spotlight on all of the multicultural books and authors on the market while also working to get those book into the hands of young readers and educators.Eight years in, MCBD’s mission is to raise awareness of the ongoing need to include kids’ books that celebrate diversity in homes and school bookshelves continues. Read about our Mission &HistoryHERE.MCBD 2021 is honored to be Supported by these Medallion Sponsors!FOUNDER’S CIRCLE: Mia Wenjen (Prgamaticmom) and Valarie Budayr’s(Audreypress.com)Platinum Sponsors:Language Lizard Bilingual Books in 50+ Languages,Author DeedeeCummings and Make A Way Media

Book Review – Tania and the Mystery Smoker

One of my mommy’s friends has written so many books about Tania and my mommy reads those stories to me. But this story got my attention and I wanted to read it by myself completely. I hope by now you could have understood why I got interested in this book, isn’t it? If not, please do check out my video about the smoking troubles that I faced at the tea shop near my house. So, that’s the reason why I wanted to write this book review for “Tania and the Mystery Smoker“.

My “No Smoking Video”

My Thoughts:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The first chapter itself got me hooked. Even I have a younger cousin and I will feel very bad if my cousin gets hurt. I can really understand the pain Sonia would be going through and the anger Tania must be feeling. The other day, when my sports coach pulled my friend’s leg teasingly itself, I got so angry that I told him not to tease my friend. If it had been my own cousin or sister, surely I would be really angry just like Tania.

Source: From Amazon

I got to read and understand about the new concepts called Privacy and Addiction. Though, I heard those terms while adults were talking, I never got to understand their true meaning or how to use them. Now this aunty has very clearly explained the concept of the CC TV workings and other things in the form of conversation between Tania and her mom. I really liked that idea. Infact, this book acted as the starting point for many interesting conversations between me and my parents. At the end of all those conversations, my dad told me that I am addicted to cricket. But tell me folks, will my love for cricket really harm people?

I also liked Tania and her friends. I think, I also should try to solve some cases like them. The way they caught hold of the mystery smoker is awesome. I would say that its very innovative yet logical scheme that these friends have followed. I also liked the lesson Tania learnt in this book. I will remember it going forward.

My Recommendations:

I loved this book a lot and the way the problem has been resolved in this book. So, I recommended this book to my friends in the school. This book suits to all the kids in my elementary class. i.e., from 7-12 years. My mommy agreed to my opinion and told that she would share this link in our school whatsapp group as well.

About the Author:

As stated earlier, Kanika aunty is my mommy’s friend and she is a wonderful author. She has more than 30+ books to her credit. She teams up with her daughters and writes a series books about Tania. You can find her books on Amazon here. Aunty can be reached on her blog or SM accounts mentioned below.

Blog: Kanikag.com

Twitter: KanikaGee

Facebook: Kanika G

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#SSSeries: Daam, Daam Tus Tus

It’s Newyear party time and the entire house is decorated with lights and flowers. Sana’s dad got a lot of big and colorful balloons, which he started blowing so that he can tie them all over the house. In the meantime, Shrav and Sana who were playing outside in the garden came into the house for a quick snack. What followed then was a big fireworks show of Daam, Daam Tus, Tus. Didn’t you understand what is this fuss all about isn’t it? Then read on further to know what it is all about.

Daam, Daam Tus Tus

The moment Shrav saw the balloons, he got panicky as he is scared of big sounds. He always thinks about the popping sound that comes from balloons and keeps thinking as to when they are going to pop, instead of playing with the balloons like other kids of his age. The balloons always pop with big sounds – Daam daam. Shrav is allergic to high decibel sounds and that’s why Diwali is the most hated festival for him.

Shrav: Shouting, Uncle – please put away all those ballons. They are not good for us. I hate them so much.

Sana: Stop overacting Shrav, I like playing with ballons and that’s why my dad got those ballons for me. How can we have a party without balloons?

Shrav: Hitting his head, I am not overacting Sana. I do hate balloons. So that’s why I am asking your dad to remove them. Why you don’t understand it?

Sana: How can a kid hate balloons. There must be something wrong with you, come lets go to a doctor and get you tested out.

Shrav stomps out of the room into library in a huff and bangs the door. Sana follows him back like a true friend.

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Sana: Shrav tell me, why are you scared of balloons. There should be some reason for this fear of yours, isn’t it? She started shooting questions at Shrav like arrows. Tus Tus

Shrav: I don’t like those horrible balloons why you can’t understand. So, go away from me as you want only balloons. You are not my friend any more.

Shrav’s mommy comes into the room to see what’s going on as both of them were shouting at their top of the voices. When she understood the situation, she explained to Sana that Shrav is a very sensitive person and the sudden high volume sounds disturb him a lot. He can only bear the sounds that he makes but gets jittery and agitated for the sounds that are not in his control.

Then Sana, being a naughty child, came up with a naughty plan as usual. She went on popping the balloons behind Shrav’s back whenever he is not looking. Shrav kept getting angrier and angrier. He picks up the toy gun and tries to threaten Sana. But that also didn’t work out. So he walks out of Sana’s house full of anger and tells his mom that he would never play again with that little monster again. In fact, he doesn’t even want to see her again.

The next day, morning when Shrav’s mom couldn’t find him in the house – she goes in search of him, only to find both little munchkins playing happily in the backyard. After the play is over, Sana hands over Shrav a gift in the wrapped paper. When Shrav tears it open, he sees that it’s nothing but Sana’s favorite piggy bank, which she calls as the “Anxiety Box“. Sana tells him to write all his fears about the balloons in chits and put them into this “anxiety box” daily. This “anxiety box” would safeguard all his fears and he can be free without any tensions. Shrav keeps writing the chits and puts them into that “anxiety box” for couple of days.

During their next picnic day, both the parents could see Shrav and Sana playing merrily with the balloons in the park. Shrav is no longer scared of balloons. Sana helped him in getting over his fear of balloons and sounds. Now let’s see whether Shrav would really be able to bear the sound of crackers in the next episode?

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Introducing Sana the sweetheart by Shrav in S&S Series

During December, my mommy’s cousin’s family moved to Pondicherry, as that uncle took a new job in Pondicherry. So, we visited them during my Christmas holidays. Their family is also very sweet and nice to us. I met my cousin Sana for the first time in my life. So thought of Introducing Sana in this S&S Series.


Shrav: Sana is a 6-year-old girl and she is very naughty and funny at the same time. We both had a gala of time playing together. Her comments are very witty and she is able to make me laugh like crazy. She is just in grade 1 and younger than me, so I keep telling her that she needs to listen to me. But she tells me that I need to listen to her, as she is the youngest kid in the house.

Though she is younger than me, she knows a lot of cool stuff and teases me a lot about it. It’s good to have her around and play with, as I was getting bored sitting all alone due to the lockdown. She looks like a real princess in her long blue frock (or gown whatever it is called), she wore for the party on the other day. I remembered the Disney Princesses movie. But, please don’t tell her this, otherwise, she is going to tease me a lot.

But regularly, she is a very naughty kid, who can’t sit quietly in one place. She will be always exploring something or the other or would always be up to some of the other pranks.


Sana: Shrav is the new cousin I met after moving to Pondicherry. He seems to be a cool kid with a lot of talent. He talks continuously and that too most of the time it’s all about Cricket and the Cricketers. He never gives the other person a chance to talk also about cricket. His knowledge about cricket is awesome, but he needs to be aware of more kiddie stuff. I think he needs a person like me to teach him there is life other than cricket too.

Of course, he knows a lot of cool stuff about Space and Gymnastics too. There is a lot to learn from him. But please never ever tell that to him OK? If he comes to know that I like his talent, then no one can stop him. So we need to act very calmly and neutral in front of him.

Parents: We thought that these two kids would become good friends and play happily. But where have we landed? They always behave like fire and ice and keep fighting. Looks like we can’t even sit in peace and have a cup of tea. Will they be better if they stayed all alone? But they keep playing together happily only for some time right? So let’s see whether these two kids would settle down or not.

Author: I guess you wouldn’t want to miss the fun of fireworks or the friendly banter that’s going to happen under the S&S Series isn’t it? Just stay tuned to our social media channels to get the latest updates. In case, you want to quip in with your ideas for the Shrav vs Sania duel, you can mention it in the comments. Stay tuned for new episodes every Monday from us.

Let’s Welcome 2021 with the Diary Writing Habit

Today is the first working day of 2021. Have you guys started working, or are you still in vacation mode? I finished my online classes in the morning. My aunt in the school has introduced us to a new concept called Diary Writing. Of course, it’s more like our daily journal writing, which we do at school. But it has more flexibility and more choices than we can use while writing.

Writing a Diary helps to pour your feelings into a book which nobody would ever listen

– Sowmya Iyer

When I told this to my mom, she told me that the Diary can act as your best friend, who always will listen to your inner thoughts. The things that you don’t want anyone to hear out, can be shared here. She also agreed to my aunt at school saying that it’s really a good habit to start our New Year. So, I went along with my dad to the book shop nearby and got myself a brand new diary. This is how my diary looks like. It has beautiful pictures of various important monuments across India. So, with the help of this diary, I am also finalizing the destinations to visit during our summer holiday break.

I can use this diary to note down all the important information about the Cricket game. There is also a calendar in this diary, wherein I can note down the dates of all the forthcoming cricket seasons in 2021.  I am also thinking of learning all the essential aspects of cricket legends, which I will document here in this diary itself as my go-to book on cricket.

What about you, what are you going to write in your diary? My mom said, she would write about how she spent her day and her favorite quotes or poems in this year’s diary. My dad told me that he would like to keep a record of all his management and psychology learnings in this place. So this is how everyone’s diary is different.


Our aunt in the school told us that we can use this diary for the following activities too:

Daily Writing Prompts: For children like me who are starting our diary writing habit for the first time, the parents can give us daily writing prompts based on which we can write. It would help us in improving our creativity.

Personal Journaling: This is what my mom is going to do, capturing her personal journey throughout this year. She is going to capture her goals, aspirations and would keep working on achieving them

Project Journaling: This is what my dad and I will be using to keep track of our various projects.

Nature Journaling: My friend A in the school is interested a lot in gardening along with another aunt in the school. They both were planning to keep a record of their gardening activities.

There are other forms of diary writing, which capture people’s art and craftworks. Since I am not a person, who is into the arts or crafts, I am not planning to talk much about it. Also, my granny writes about all her shloka’s in her book. We can also call that diary the Shloka diary.

Keep a diary and one day it will keep you.

– Mae West

My dad told me that we can write these diaries online also, these days. But since, we are already spending so much time in front of the gadgets due to the online classes as well as watching a few videos. I think it would be best to write the diary on the original physical diary itself. It will give us more flexibility to decorate the page and showcase our doodling there too. What say, folks? Whatever format you prefer, it’s a good habit to start your new year. So why don’t you all start writing your diaries from today itself? Please let me know which diary format you have picked up and what you are planning to write there with me too.


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Book Review: Maya’s Magical Adventures by Malcolm McCoard

I started reading this book along with my 8-year-old boy. He likes Magic and believes in it seriously and waits for fairies and angels in the night to fly by. So this is a perfect book for him. He loved the fact that this entire story has developed by the author along with his daughter. My kid also tells me stories, which I blog/write about. So that camaraderie feeling made him read the book Maya’s Magical Adventures.

Genre: Children’s Fiction, Fantasy, Adventures

Author: Malcolm McCoard

Illustrator: Maya McCoard

Available at: AmazonGood Reads

My Thoughts:

The story sets off at a fast pace and gets really real. The characters and their quirky mannerisms. The way Cat “Mishcheif” rolls his eyes to show the disinterest, all this pulled my kid really into the book. He couldn’t believe initially that a book can also talk. As the story progressed, he started looking forward to more discussions with the Book. Developing a character for a book and making him opinionated about everything is really a genuine idea and was well received by the kids. The speaking magical door is also another attraction.

We even liked the idea of using toothbrushes instead of brooms. To date, all the magic and witch movies which we have seen have used only the brooms. Naming the toothbrush as “Blue” since he is a boy was very witty. My kid liked the way Blue behaves in the story. Also, the riddles that were strewn across the story, where Maya has to solve them before progressing on her journey into the magical land were exciting and funny. We liked to solve them on our own.

Overall, this book is a fun read for both kids and adults alike. Though this book is slated for 10 years and above, it can be given to kids about 7 years who are slowly graduating to chapter books. As it’s filled with easy language and also funny incidents and riddles, the book will entice those kids to read further. They might take a little longer than older kids. But it’s fine.

Apart from the story, the drawings in the book have attracted my son. In fact, he was mentioning that he should follow the author’s daughter’s example and draw for his next set of stories.

I’d say lean forwards for backwards, backwards for forwards, up for down, down for up…, or at a Push…” paused Mischeif

The book is full of such play with the words. Play with the words is what fascinates the young readers who are aged 7 and above. So no wonder, my kid got attracted to this book.

My recommendations about Maya’s Magical Adventures

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As a parent, I loved this book as it’s given me a chance to learn about the magical world. The story is perfect with ease in the language and correct grammar is used. Parents can happily give this book to their kids and can relax. As the author has given utmost care to every detail that got into the book. So, I don’t have to worry about the language used in the book or about anything.

Note: I got the free copy of this book from Booktasters in return for a free and honest review from my end. The views mentioned here are completely my own and are not influenced by anyone.

About the Author:

Malcolm McCoard calls himself an accidental Author. He started writing the stories after his 8 year old daughter insisted that he needs to write the adventurous stories he makes up for her during the bedtime. Maya, his daughter then provided illustrations and ideas for the book which incorporates a number of characters based on her close friends and family. The book won the YA category in the 2017 Purple dragonfly book awards.

You can find him at:

Twitter: Malcolm McCoard

FB: Maya’s Magical Adventures

Must Watch Movie for all kids – Pareeksha

ZEE5 once again is coming up with another list of wonderful movies that are to be released in August once again. This time, we picked up a movie instead of a cartoon series for me as the weekend movie to watch. That movie is Pareeksha and is supposed to be about a kid and his dream of becoming big in real life. Read further to know, why it’s a must-watch movie for all kids.

Pareeksha as the name suggests is a real exam for a kid by the name of Bulbul. Whether Bulbul would be able to pass his exams at school along with the exams thrown by life. This movie is written and directed by the well-known director Prakash Jha. He is known for his famous films like Aarakshan, Satyagraha, Rajaneeti, Jai Gangajaal, etc. 

Source: ZEE5.com

This Pareeksha movie is based on the real-life of former DGP of Bihar, Shri Abhiyanandan His success story proves that despite all the hardships faced in life, still there is some hope for the poor and downtrodden in India. And they can really fulfill their dreams if tried hard. Though he was working as a Police Officer, he used to teach freely for the kids from poor economic backgrounds. By introducing the beauty of education to the children in the Naxal infested areas in Bihar, he got a whole lot of changes in society. And that is why his success story has become famous.   This movie is all about a rickshaw puller, Buchi (portrayed by Adil Hussain), and his kid Bulbul (portrayed by Shubham).  As Buchi drops few kids to a good school, he starts dreaming that his bright kid also should go to a school like that so that he can achieve something big in life and will not stagnate like him as a Rickshaw puller in the future. Bulbul is an incredibly talented young kid but was forced to stay back in the class due to their poor economic conditions.

Source: ZEE5.com

The reason why I picked up this movie for my kid is that he treats everything lightly and is not serious about anything. He does not even know what hardships really are.  He thinks the entire life would be a bed of flowers for him. So, I felt that this movie would show the real hard side of life.  As there are a lot of other kids out there who really struggle to get a decent education. This kind of realistic movie is needed to show the hard-hitting truths about our society to our children. That’s the main reason why I feel that this is a must-watch movie for all kids

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This movie has a wonderful star cast. Adhil Hussain, Sanjay Suri, Priyanka Bose, and the child actor, Shubham. I saw from the trailer that all of them are acting with such ease and in fact, competing. The trailer is a must watch and you can watch the trailer by clicking here.

So, now you know why I had picked up my weekend movie as Pareeksha. So now what about you? Let me know your comments on Pareeksha after watching the movie.

Mapa Story is my New Buddy – What about you?

How is this #Lockdown treating you all? I hope by now you all would have got busier with the Online Classes and Schools, isn’t it? I still find so much free time in my hands even after my online classes as well. Reading books all alone is so boring and it gets a little lonely after a while. But luckily, I found a new buddy called Mapa Story. My mommy got to know about this app and downloaded it for me. Now you are wondering what’s so special in this Mapa Story app, isn’t it?

Mapa Story App:

It’s a new app on Google Playstore that my mommy got a chance to review and she showed it to me to test this app. As the title suggests this app is full of stories. They are not typical videos of someone narrating the stories on youtube. Its a story actually told by one of the parents or grandparents to their children using the books. We can easily relate to the voices and feel like listening more.

Source: MaPa Story

Also to top it, there is a wide variety of stories including Mythology, Education, Fairytales, Knowledge stories, and a lot more. The person narrating the story would show the book and recite the story. So, in case if you want we can try to outsmart the narrator by trying to read the story before him. I always do that as it gives me pleasure to see the narrator always reading the stories in a very slow and soothing manner just like my aunty in the school. So, this app is giving me a chance to practice slowing my talking speed, and hence making my daddy a happier one, as he always says that I speak like a bullet train.

The additional advantage of this app is that the stories are narrated in both English and Hindi. As I belong to a non-Hindi speaking city, my cousins always tease me for my pronunciation in Hindi. So, this app is giving me exposure to proper Hindi and I am planning to develop my Hindi speaking skills using this app. Isn’t it wonderful?

Source: MaPa Story app

Now that’s not all, there is one more surprise in this app. We can ask our parents/grandparents to record the stories while they are reading them for us. That’s a wonderful feature, isn’t it? A lot of people can hear our voices and enjoy the story narrated to us. Even we kids can record the stories as a special surprise to our parents. I liked this surprise element a lot.

Now you all must be thinking that then this app must be really expensive, isn’t it? No, it’s not the case, my mommy says it’s budget-friendly and she is happy with that. You can check the details and download it here. She has subscribed to this app for me on our mobile phone (both me and my mommy’s) so that I can hear the stories whenever I feel bored at the house. Honestly, my mommy is not worried about the screen time while I am using this app as I can just lock the screen to listen to the stories. So, our screen time restrictions won’t apply for this app and at any given point of time, listening to stories improves our knowledge. So mt mom and I are completely happy with this app.

I really feel like my granddad is narrating the stories when I hear some of the stories narrated by old people. I am not able to fall asleep without listening to a story on this app daily. My mom thinks that I am falling asleep faster these days. So now, did you understand why Mapa Story has become my best buddy?

If you are interested, then “Check out this unique story telling app that I really enjoyed – MaPa Story! You can read, listen to and record stories from anywhere. Get a special 30% discount too by subscribing on the App. Here is your referal code 51536

Link to the MaPa Story app on Google Play Store: 


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