My New Passion – Cars and Heavy Vehicles – II

I thought of cutting short the earlier article, as its very difficult for me to stop talking if I talk about Cars or Heavy Vehicles. As they fascinate me a lot. As I told you earlier, I always wonder how just 4 wheels can support such a heavy vehicle…be it be a car or another one like truck, crane or anything else for that matter…

           Coming to Heavy Vehicles, the first one that caught my attention is the water tanker, which comes to my house regularly to supply us the water…so when ever the water tanker comes, the driver uncle comes to my house calling and I always go along with him and sit in his seat, or go up on the ladder and sit on the top…so its soo funny to see the other vehicles zooming down the road from the top of a water tanker, everybody has to look up at me and for me, everything looks like a tiny toy from that top…isn’t it amazing???

 My 2nd most favourite one is the JCB (Excavator), as it has two different arms (one for loading and the other for digging)…I always want to operate those arms and do both the things simultaneously. But those driver uncles are bad, they don’t give the keys to start the JCB. 🙁 . The wheels of the JCB is taller than me…how can anybody make such a huge wheel is my question, that has been quelled when I saw a Road Roller and a Bull dozer…you wont believe how big those wheels are…I can actually run on them…isn’t it awesome…The Cement/Concrete Mixer is very cute isn’t it…I like to go into the drum and see how it would rotate…hearing that, my mom said, her heart has skipped couple of heart beats…Don’t you think its silly, heart is not a small kid like me, and it doesn’t know how to use the skipping rope right…to tell you a secret, even I don’t know how to use a skipping rope, only Ashmita akka in my next house uses that and I always end up admiring her skills in that one.


Another of my favourite vehicle is the Crane…I like to sit on the crane’s basket and reach up and up into the sky, so that I can reach moon and sun and talk to them directly…its soo wonderful that way isn’t it…my friend Krishna told me that there is an old lady in moon who gives ghee roast to all the kids who go up to see her…since I like  ghee dosa, I will go and settle on the moon itself, so that I can have lots and lots of dosa’s only  and would also own a heavy vehicles company, so that I can drive all of them, with out asking anybody’s permission. Isn’t it a great idea? What do you say folks?


My New Passion – Cars and Heavy Vehicles

Hello Friends,  How are you all…I am eager to share my new obsession with you all… I love all the heavy vehicles and cars a lot.. they always keep me amazed. I wonder how those heavy things run on just 4 wheels…ofcourse some times I do see trucks having more wheels…I want to understand how these wheels carry such a huge weight and also how they turn…I want to know the logic behind it and am struggling to understand it starting with my stroller wheels and tricycle wheels.

           I love my daddy’s new black car and its soo unique that it has matching tyres (black). I don’t understand why other cars don’t have the matching tyres…may be their owners don’t have enough color sense or they don’t know about matching at all like my dad. My daddy is the coolest person who got the matching color wheels. I always dream in the night that my dad’s car color should change as per my dress in the morning…imagine how cool it would be to go in a different color car daily??? I wonder why the color changing mechanism has not been in built into the cars.. My mom showed a chameleon the other day and explained me that it changes the colors based on the surroundings, then the car manufacturers should ask chameleon about this technique and use that in the cars while they are building it naa….

               After I become big, I am going to run the car office. The cars drop daddy in the office and go to their office naa…I know that all cars have a separate office, where they rest and talk to the other cars and play with them. I want to own up that place and be a part of the games the cars play….there would be soo many color cars there right? In the mean time, enjoi my pictures on the cars and the other heavy vehicles…



Whats in the name? – Why are they confusing

      Now that I am able to speak words, my confusion seems to grow on a daily basis and my parents are not able to clear that confusion. So I am totally getting bugged with this confusion…

      To start with my name itself gives me lot of confusion…am not sure right now what is my correct name – my aunt (atta) and uncle (mama) call me as Sai, my Lakshmi aunty’s patti calls me as Guruvayurappan. My grand dad calls me kanna. My dad calls me bujji, pandu, shrav, kanniah…and ultimate confusing person is my mom who calls me krishnaih, bangari, budigi, sisindri…what not. Can anybody please tell me whats my real name is?

            Added to that confusion, I don’t understand, why Amma’s name cant be just Amma or Mommy. Why does people have to call her with a different name? Same goes with my dad’s name as well…who likes to remember soo many names for each person….if I have to keep track of all of them, then my memory would be full right…then I can not concentrate on learning new things isn’t it?

                On similar lines, why are there soo many different apples… Apple, Pineapple, Custard Apple. How can Apple be the name of three fruits…how do I differentiate them…if I ask this question, my mom says you can differentiate using the color, texture and taste.. Don’t you think its silly to use these attributes to differentiate a fruit instead of the primary property called the name.. Same goes even on my favourite area of interest – vehicles. Why should people use Container trucks and Container ships…both are not the same, but the name sounds the same… I think these grown ups have messed up with the nomenclature…and I need to reinvent some thing smarter than the current one…

               When I tell this to my friends, Hanuman or Krishniah…they simply smile at me…I get soo annoyed as to why people don’t take my questions seriously or just don’t understand my view points…I guess, I need to ask Govinda only as my mom tells me that hez the only one on the earth who knows everything and all the other things…Don’t you think that its the ultimate pardox? Hez the one with 1000 odd names.. I wonder how he remembers who calls him what using those 1000 odd names…though I like to sing those Govinda namalu, I always wonder in my inner hearts, about the complexity of the memory power of Govinda…I think I need to ask him, next time when he comes to play with me…

                  In the mean time, can any one of you please try to clarify this confusion for me…till that time, I would be pacing around trying to find the answers for these questions…

Completed One whole year

Can u believe that i completed one year already? one year and 10 days to be precise. I am a big boy now as per my mamma. I feel so proud u know..we went to Guruvayur to meet Lord Krishna,  as he wanted to meet me on my birthday. So we all went there. The place in itself was lovely, weather was at its best cloudy with intermittent showers.
 We went to Elephant palace first. It seems that the best elephants in Kerala that are gifted to Krishna would be housed there. There are more than 100 of them, i became little suspicious as to what Krishna would do with so many of them? he can give them as gifts to kids like us cool it would be to have an elephant as my sibling along with jimmy and johnny (my doggy sibilings). It would be fun for all four of us to play ball and i can also play water games with my elephant brother, as jimmy and johnny hates water. I liked one white elephant in particular and asked my dad to get me that one, as usual my parents laughed at me and asked me to talk to Krishna about it, though i was irked by their behaviour i kept my cool as i didn’t want to spoil the evening. Look at my favorite elephant below.
  After that place we went to Krishna’s house and that’s very different from Govinda’s home. This house is made of wood mostly and is in Kerala style. My mom explained me that depending on the places and weather the buildings would be built in different form and that study is called Architecture. I thought it sounded little fascinating to me, so may be i should look at it as my career choice…then when i grow up, i will built bathrooms in both Govinda and Krishna’s houses, as both their houses dont have bathrooms and poor them naa, how they must be suffering to take bath and all…so lets see, its still a long way to go as per my mamma. So until then, keep this secret with you only, if i tell my parents, they would laugh at me again. So coming back to the point, i met Krishna there and asked him about the elephant, he told me give him butter of my weight, so that he can send the elephant along with us to Chennai.  So i went to the temple priests and asked them to weigh was very funny how they weighed me along with butter look at the picture below

  Hearing this my dad got scared as we don’t have the train ticket for the elephant he immediately went back and told Krishna that we cant take the elephant as our house is too small to accommodate him and also we are going by train. Then Krishna told to my dad not to worry, he would only send the virtual elephant in my dreams. As long as i get to play with my white elephant i don’t care about my dads fears, though i don’t understand whats the real difficulty he has in bringing my elephant brother to Chennai. Anyways, my wish came true isnt it…so thats what i want. Now i have a big task in front of me to find a suitable name for my new brother…will u guys assist me in this task??

Tirupati Trip – 2

         I am back from cricket, but was tired that day, so couldnt post immediately. Sorry for the delay.

         Govinda’s house was a huge huge one. I didnt expect it to be that huge, but its a wierd structure you see..there are no bedrooms nor bathrooms. I wonder where Govinda gets to sleep and where he would take bath. I asked my dad, and he showed me on craddle in a room which is full of mirrors and told me that Govinda would sleep there in that craddle..isnt it odd? I still dont understand these elders at times and they baffle me all these new things.

            First thing we did as soon as we entered into Govinda’s house is that they had put me in a craddle sort of thing, and on the other side, they dumped a gunny both of us were swinging nicely for some time. My dad told me that its a balance and not a craddle. I dont understand the difference between two. Craddle also swings, balance also swings. Then why should be call balance a balance? Any idea — Can you folks help me understand it.

              Anyways, after that soo called balancing act, we went inside the house and that house is full of visitors and they were all pushing and pulling..i got really scared and hugged my mom. She was carrying me in the sling, so she safeguarded me from all that crowd. Though Govinda seems quite rich, as he has gold plated room and all, he is poor enough not to have electric lights and fans in his house. Even there is no AC. He was living in candle light. So i told my dad to give Govinda some money, so that, atleast he can install electric lights in his house. Then Dad laughed at me and showed me a room where lot of people are sitting and counting the money. He said Govinda is the richest when compared to all of us. Then I wonder, how come Govinda dont even have a light in his room. I asked this question to Govinda’s mother, who was in a different room. She also laughed at me. By the way, i also have another question in my mind..why Govinda’s mother is not next to him, like my mom? I dont like it, if my mom leaves me and goes some where out. I protest very strongly, so that she would always be there with me. So how come Govinda allowed his mom to stay away from him.

           Lastly, Govinda’s servants gave all the people who visited him a sweet. It seems its called Prasadam. My mom told me that its an age old tradition and who ever visits Govinda gets a sweet, to make his trip to Govinda’s home a pleasant experience. So i told my dad that we should also start this tradition in our house and give sweets to all the people who visit our house. So in case if you need a sweet, please visit us at Chennai, so that you can see me and also eat sweets. Chalo will talk to you later, i have to go into kitchen to help my mom in preparing the dinner. With out my expert help, she wouldnt be able to make the tasty food u see…


My Tirupati Trip

       My parents took me to my friend – Govinda’s  place in Tirupati…it was an interesting journey and an eventful one also.  We started early in the morning and went by my dad’s car to Tirupati. I thought my dad would let me drive his car, as I am old enough now to reach to the steering, but unfortunately, he put me in the back seat with my granny and she made me sleep, half the journey.

          I got to see the sunflowers for the first time in my life and my mom got her camera along with her. So she could take some snaps of mine along with the sunflowers..Till date, i never knew that there are such big flowers in my favorite color (Yellow). I had seen few yellow flowers in my garden, but they were all very very small. Those flowers are almost as big as my face and they were soo beautiful. My mom told me that they turn their heads towards the direction of the sun. Isn’t it cute? (Look at the below picture)

                      After visiting my grand-dad’s place in down hills we went to Tirumala, the city of my friend – Govinda. That place is really cool and it was smelling so nicely. That smell was totally new to me and my dad told me that it was of a flower smell and showed me that flower as well. I couldnt believe it, the flower which gives such a stong smell, was soo small, and its size is smaller than that of my hand. Thats why i call Govinda a creative genius.

             My parents cheated me and got my head tonsured. I didnt expect that and all my beautiful hair has gone now, and now they tease me saying that I am a “Gundu Bhai”… Dont you think its cruel of them..but anyways, they are always cool and got me lot of new toys and pampered me because i cried while tonsuring my head. To tell u a secret, tonsuring hair is a cool way to bear this summer heat. Now i am not sweating that much, but i am not telling this to my parents, as i would miss all the new toys. (You guys also please dont tell to my parents) Look at my reaction after seeing the tonsuring head.

             I will write more about my Friend – Govinda’s house in the next blog, as my friends came and i have to go out and play cricket with them…



Me and my Sibilings

I forgot to mention that I have two sibilings with whom i need to compete to get the attention of my mom or dad…I have one elder sister and an elder brother..i am the youngest one of the lot but i will not be getting any major privileges when compared to them and my mom  always says that we need to respect the elders..its fun to play with both of them..i like pulling my sister’s ears or eyes and while crawling, i keep kicking her a lot…she wouldnt mind all my mischeif and would happily accept what ever i do..infact purposefully she comes into my way, so that i can touch her, but gets scared of me when i go around in walker and would keep running away from me and the fun lies in chasing her…but unfortunately she gets exhausted too soon and then would go inside the house and would lie down. But where as my brother is another tough and naughty one like me…its tough to gain an upper hand over him..hez has more energy when compared to me. He likes chasing the squirrels, pigeons in the garden or else he tries to play around with my other two friends (Varun and Viduyut) by taking their ball away and making them run for that ball.  Though he doesnt play with me, he loves me a lot and if at all if i fall down, he would be the first one to come to my rescue, even before my mom and then he scolds my mom/dad for letting me fall. How sweet of him naa..i love him for that

          The thing that amazes me in him is that, he obeys my mother all the time, and he would be first one to return to the house even before the curfew time sister atleast tries to cross the curfew time once in a while…and when she does it, she gets a nice thrashing from my mom. I dont like this curfew times at all..I enjoy staying outdoors all the time, but by the time, I really start getting the knack of the game, my mom shouts that its curfew time from the main door…which I hate it, but after going inside, she gives me a warm bath and then again lets me play on the floor, which is good..same thing goes with the sleep pattern of my sibilings as well…as soon as their walk is over, they would go to bed, but I feel soo energized at that time, that I want to play with my dad, which my dad wouldnt let me do for more than 15-20 minutes, saying he has work to do,  which I dont like. But what to do, when dad says some thing, we guys have to obey him naa..

          Have you guessed the names of my sibilings..they are Jimmy and Johnny.  Please have a look at our photograph down below. The one with blue neck collar is Jimmy and the one with the red collar is Johnny. They both are listening to my songs.

Hyderabad trip details

The trip to Hyderabad was pretty good actually, i liked it a lot…right from the moment we started from home, it was fun actually and i liked everystep of the journey. Actually, this journey was an eye opener for me, as i didnt realize that soo many people exist in this world…that station was soo crowded that i couldnt see the walls, all i could see from my mom’s hands is only heads and heads…which was actually dad did a wonderful thing of putting me into the sling on my mom’s shoulders which gave me 360 degree view of the platform and the people…so i enjoyed it a lot…let me share a secret, actually my neck started hurting me by craning it continuously, but i had put on a brave face didnt tell my mom, as otherwise i would miss the chance right?

I thought train means a smaller one in size like my car, but thats really really huge and i was suprised to see such a huge train and was afraid of it, thinking how to board it and was curious to see how it would move forward…my mom told me that it would have an engine in the front and the driver would start it so that the train would move on the tracks..but since it was already dark, i couldnt see the movement but could only feel it…it was like being in my craddle and the train was swinging forward and backward, because of which i got a very good sleep and by the time i woke up, Hyderabad came into view…

       My grandfather came to station with a nice bouquet of flowers to receive us…there were soo many colors in that bouquet orange, green, blue and white…mommy explained me all those colors to me…and i played soo much with my aunt (Sniggy) and her friend…they are both very cool and are always with mobiles, i asked my mom for a mobile seeing them playing with mobiles and my mom told me that its only when i grow up, i would get a mobile. Later that day, we went to a temple where lord krishna my favourite.  My dad has already got one for me in the same replica

          Next day, we went to meet my other cousins Tarun and Tej and i played soo much with them…Tarun is very nice and was taking care of all my needs and Tej is as naughty as me and our thoughts match each other, so its nice to have some one with whom we can share the thoughts…

Happy New Year


           My Mom told me that the New Year means its a New Begining for all the good things in the I wanted to try the new stuff starting on the day one itself…I am always intrigued with the cars and was infact little envious when my Dad drives his car daily…so i forced myself into his seat and tried driving the car…ofcourse, my legs didnt reach the accelerator or break, but i was innovative enough to use my dad’s legs to use the accelerator or break…see the picture below..

Asusual my mom always laughs at me for my innovative thoughts, which she calls them as my theatrics, and gives me a hug…but this time alone, she and my dad went to shop and got me a car to drive…ofcourse with out my choice, they still would be toying with various ideas, since i like blue color, i insisted on that model and finally i have a car of my own now…the sad part is that though this looks like a car, it doesnt have a clutch or gear…i wanted them as well, but that model is not there in the shop right now, so i have to adjust with this model.

By the way, i am also excited for one more reason, as this New Year has given me the opportunity to travel by train..i am going this weekend to Hyderabad to meet my cousins (Tarun and Tej) and my aunt (Sniggy)…so am all excited and waiting to board the train…but before boarding the train, therez lot of work for me to do…i have to go around shopping for my friends there isnt it.? chalo talk to you guys later..will narrate my shopping as well as Hyderabad experience…

Who says growing up is easy?

My mom & dad  have to grow up a lot, as still they dont understand my language…Not sure, when they would learn that..I am getting tired of teaching them daily…they are the slow learners and if I scold them, they laugh at me, thinking its another new trick of mine 🙁 

Crawling is soo tedious and difficult that it exhausts totally and i still havent got the knack of it..I am already soo old, when would i learn crawling..i keep asking my friend (Hanuman) everyday and he also laughs at me for that question..every night he waits for me at the door step and takes me into the kid world, which is full of fun, with out any difficulties. There I am able to crawl very easily, but not on this real world…I have to ask this question to him next time, why this difference? Apart from Crawling, the other most difficult activitiy is bringing my mom & dad  upto speed with my thought process…for everything and anything, they just laugh at me and hug/kiss me…soo can they do this to a grown up boy…i feel soo ashamed u know..

     I want to go to office along with my Dad, as he is having wonderful time at the day, I got ready along with my dad, when he was wearing the neck tie, I also grabbed one and got ready (look at the snap above) and asked my dad to take me to the office…both my mom and dad laughed out loud and gave me a big lecture, saying that i am too young to do all that stuff…wont they understand that i had already crossed my 100 day mark and am big enough to handle laptops and jobs….they are soo easier than crawling you see.. I wish my friend comes to my rescue here and explains my mind to my mom & dad..but he says he doesnt talk to elders…which is ofcourse true, as talking to these guys is the most difficult one to do and i agree with him completely.
      My mom is coming up now, after finishing her chores in the kitchen, so i will sign off for now and would catch up with you guys later…
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