I was so excited about going to big school all along the summer holidays, but as soon as the school got started, I got a shock in the life that mamma is not allowed in the school. Bad mamma, she didn’t tell me that she wouldn’t be coming into the school. How would I know it, even my friends Krishna and Govinda didn’t tell me. They were just pulling me saying that now that I would be going to big school, I will not have time for them. Anyways I will be playing only in the night, I would still keep playing with them and will not leave them.

My new school photo is given above. Coming back to the school part, though my teachers are good and classrooms are good, I didn’t want to go to school, as my mamma is not there with me in the class. When I told my mamma about this and asked her that I can’t even hug her or kiss her during the class and how am I going to spend till the lunch time with out seeing her. Then my mamma told me to reserve all my hugs and kisses till lunch time. But my dad got a wonderful idea and asked me whether I would like to carry my mommy into the class with me? I was totally confused and asked him as to how would it be possible? Then my dad took my moms photo and attached it to my id…so I was very happy to go the class now. First two days it was all fine. Then one day while I was dancing for rhymes, my id fell down and N took away my mommys photo. I cried a lot and my teacher gave the photo to me.

       Since I am coming at 12 in the afternoon to home, I want my dad to also come back from work at that time..so that I can have a man to man chat with him about the things that are happening in the school. But my daddy’s boss is not allowing him to come back home. One of these days, I am planning to call my daddy’s boss and give him my piece of advise that daddy’s needs to be at home by the time we kids come back from school…what say folks?