The other day, my mom took me to the #British Council Library. This place is totally different from the library images I had in mind.  Entering into the library is like entering into a big vibrant and colorful wall. There are so many interesting posters everywhere and the more I liked it is given below. Obviously, that’s the world cup picture.

British Council Library, Holiday Camp, Bloggers Meet, Chennai, Book Lovers

Can you believe that this building is 60 years and this library is running for more than 70 years in Chennai? The building or the courtyard looks so refreshing. We can sit anywhere and read. There are no huge tables and rows of chairs. All you can see is that people relaxing on beanbags, or small couches and reading.

The variety of books at the young reader’s section is so awesome that I feel like spending the whole day. Maybe, the library team heard my mind and so they are conducting a new #Holidaycamp for kids like me in this Christmas break.


Kids – Don’t worry – it’s just a 2-hour program and we are going to have so much fun with the activities it seems. Trust me, there are no boards in the classroom and the teachers were playing a game in one of the classrooms that I had observed. So I was thinking of joining here along with my friend Hari, as it would be fun to spend in such warm and cozy surroundings, that too only with books.

British Council Library, Holiday Camp, Bloggers Meet, Chennai, Book Lovers

The aunty who gave us the walkthrough of the library told us that this course is for 4 days only and we need to register at their website. We all can know how to use English as a tool and have a variety of fun activities. Isn’t it wonderful to learn new concepts of a language instead of reading from the textbook in the school? So will wait to see you guys at the library for this #Holidaycamp

We even can have a family membership done in this library and then our entire family can visit this place for a half-a-day trip. There is something or the other for everybody in the family.  So I was telling my mom that if we come here often, then it would be like a day well spent for all of us. Now, I need to convince my dad to take one Saturday off in a month from his busy schedule so that we can visit here often.

British Council Library, Holiday Camp, Bloggers Meet, Chennai, Book Lovers

They have a wide variety of books, magazines, reference books, audiobooks, and films too. Isn’t it awesome?  Young readers section is brimming with such a wide variety of books that my TBR list got expanded to twice its size already,  by just browsing the books in one section alone. Not only kid’s fiction, but they also have a wide variety of reference books which will help us in preparing the content for our projects done in the school. I am planning to tell my aunty at the school to register our school in their institutional program so that we can get to visit this library from the school itself.

There are a lot more events that happen for the elder kids, parents, and everyone. So please check my mom’s post or their website for more details.

Looking forward to meeting you during this Christmas break or during one of the weekends at the library.