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N – day

Today, we are going to talk about another boy. He is again a very young kid, who has the audacity to tame the Lord of Death. He is really a fearless boy. Can you all imagine it? How is it possible my dear friends? His name starts with the letter N, as today is the N-day isn’t it? Any guesses on his name?

Introduction to boy who tamed Death:

This kid’s name is Nachiketa. He is a young boy living in forests along with his sage parents. His parents are very devoted to gods and always busy performing one ritual or the other.

One day, his father has decided to perform a special yagna, in which he is supposed to give away all his possessions in charity. By performing these charity activities one would attain moksha as per the yagna texts.

Nachiketa’s father has given off all the cattle, and the rest of his possessions to the folks who have come to see the yagna. Seeing this, Nachiketa thought that his father is actually giving off all the old cattle and he might not be able to achieve his desired moksha like this. So he went and asked his father, as to whom he would give him (Nachiketa) to?

Nachiketa’s father got astonished and said, he doesn’t want to be parting ways with his son and that’s why he is not giving him away. But being a stubborn kid like myself, Nachiketa kept on disturbing his father again and again with the same question.

Nachiketa’s interaction with Lord of Death

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Just like how my mom shouts at me to leave her in peace, Nachiketa’s father also shouted saying I would give you to Lord of Death, if you ask me once more, so please keep quiet.

Hearing this, Nachiketa goes to the house of Lord of Death all by himself, to offer himself to the Lord of Death. At that time, Yama was not in the house. So the poor kid waits for three full days without having any meals. After Yama is back at home, he feels very sorry to make a kid suffer like this and sits down with him to talk.

Yama gives Nachiketa to ask three boons for himself, as he has stayed without food and water at his place for three days. For the first boon, Nachiketa wanted Lord Yama to reduce his father’s anger upon him. And for the second boon, he asks for Yama to be his teacher and explain the entire functionality of Cosmos. Hearing the second boon, Yama wouldn’t be willing to teach him as he is too young.

But Nachiketa being a very stuborn kid, he insists and sits there till Yama teaches him everything.

My Learnings from Nachiketa:

After telling this story, my granddad told me that I should be also as insistent as Nachiketa while learning any new thing and shouldn’t leave in between. Also, we should really be brave as fear will not take us to places, but bravery can.

So, friends, this is my story of another kid from Indian Mythology. He is the first boy who tamed death in Indian Mythology. Hope you are liking my series. Please feel free to read my older articles here. I am really happy to be participating in the #AtoZChallenge and #BlogChatterA2Z.

Author’s Note: 
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