My Surprise gift to my Mom

My mommy’s birthday comes during my summer holidays. And I normally make a birthday card secretly and surprise her. But this time, I had planned it differently.

Do you know the reason why? This summer we had a sudden summer storms in Chennai and with that came lots of rain. As soon as the rain comes, we get to see lot of wild flowers blooming on the sideways. So though I made a card the previous night, today morning I got up earlier than usual before my mom and went on a long ride in my red cycle to fetch the flowers. There was a small drizzle with the intermittent breeze. I remembered the Madhuri akka’s song in TV…can you guys guess that song? If not, please let me know, then I will share the song in comments OK?



I got little delayed as the weather was very pleasant, so I went for a really long ride on my cycle and by the time I returned home, my mom was at the gate waiting for me and all angry at the same time. My dad was sitting in the sofa. As soon as, I entered the gate, she opened her mouth to start shouting on me. But you know, what I did, I gave her my bouquet of these wild flowers with nice smell immediately. I am very wise boy know, so I know how to avoid the trouble. So can any one of you guess what I got in return?

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