Hello Friends,  How are you all…I am eager to share my new obsession with you all… I love all the heavy vehicles and cars a lot.. they always keep me amazed. I wonder how those heavy things run on just 4 wheels…ofcourse some times I do see trucks having more wheels…I want to understand how these wheels carry such a huge weight and also how they turn…I want to know the logic behind it and am struggling to understand it starting with my stroller wheels and tricycle wheels.

           I love my daddy’s new black car and its soo unique that it has matching tyres (black). I don’t understand why other cars don’t have the matching tyres…may be their owners don’t have enough color sense or they don’t know about matching at all like my dad. My daddy is the coolest person who got the matching color wheels. I always dream in the night that my dad’s car color should change as per my dress in the morning…imagine how cool it would be to go in a different color car daily??? I wonder why the color changing mechanism has not been in built into the cars.. My mom showed a chameleon the other day and explained me that it changes the colors based on the surroundings, then the car manufacturers should ask chameleon about this technique and use that in the cars while they are building it naa….

               After I become big, I am going to run the car office. The cars drop daddy in the office and go to their office naa…I know that all cars have a separate office, where they rest and talk to the other cars and play with them. I want to own up that place and be a part of the games the cars play….there would be soo many color cars there right? In the mean time, enjoi my pictures on the cars and the other heavy vehicles…



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