I thought of cutting short the earlier article, as its very difficult for me to stop talking if I talk about Cars or Heavy Vehicles. As they fascinate me a lot. As I told you earlier, I always wonder how just 4 wheels can support such a heavy vehicle…be it be a car or another one like truck, crane or anything else for that matter…

           Coming to Heavy Vehicles, the first one that caught my attention is the water tanker, which comes to my house regularly to supply us the water…so when ever the water tanker comes, the driver uncle comes to my house calling and I always go along with him and sit in his seat, or go up on the ladder and sit on the top…so its soo funny to see the other vehicles zooming down the road from the top of a water tanker, everybody has to look up at me and for me, everything looks like a tiny toy from that top…isn’t it amazing???

 My 2nd most favourite one is the JCB (Excavator), as it has two different arms (one for loading and the other for digging)…I always want to operate those arms and do both the things simultaneously. But those driver uncles are bad, they don’t give the keys to start the JCB. 🙁 . The wheels of the JCB is taller than me…how can anybody make such a huge wheel is my question, that has been quelled when I saw a Road Roller and a Bull dozer…you wont believe how big those wheels are…I can actually run on them…isn’t it awesome…The Cement/Concrete Mixer is very cute isn’t it…I like to go into the drum and see how it would rotate…hearing that, my mom said, her heart has skipped couple of heart beats…Don’t you think its silly, heart is not a small kid like me, and it doesn’t know how to use the skipping rope right…to tell you a secret, even I don’t know how to use a skipping rope, only Ashmita akka in my next house uses that and I always end up admiring her skills in that one.


Another of my favourite vehicle is the Crane…I like to sit on the crane’s basket and reach up and up into the sky, so that I can reach moon and sun and talk to them directly…its soo wonderful that way isn’t it…my friend Krishna told me that there is an old lady in moon who gives ghee roast to all the kids who go up to see her…since I like  ghee dosa, I will go and settle on the moon itself, so that I can have lots and lots of dosa’s only  and would also own a heavy vehicles company, so that I can drive all of them, with out asking anybody’s permission. Isn’t it a great idea? What do you say folks?