Hello Friends, am back after my summer holidays and I had so much blast during these holidays that I didn’t get to read or write any blogs. You know the best part, even my mom was kept on her toes all the time, as we three monkeys kept her very busy. So even she was away from the blogging world. Yesterday, my school opened up after vacations and you know, till day before yesterday, I was happy that I would go and meet my friends, but yesterday morning I decided that I didn’t want to go to school. Do you know the reason? Read my letter to God to find out why I didn’t want to go to school.

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Letter to God:

Dear God,

Want to know, why I addressed you as God, instead of my little friend Krishna? Krishna told me in my dreamland that you are the highest of all Gods and they all come to you for your help when need arise. So I thought of sending this letter directly to you instead of talking to my friend Krishna and then he coming to you.

I have a big bigger concern these days. Why do all kids have to go to schools? Who made these schools? Why do these schools open after summer holidays?

Why can’t life be with out schools. Our mommies teach us everything right, so let them be our teachers at home itself, we would love to learn from them rather than going to school. Won’t mommies feel lonely at home, if we leave them and go to school. Mommies don’t play with their friends just like us, so they get bored with out us you know?

During the last summer holidays, me and my cousins played a lot and my mom also joined us in our games, she took us to different places, she cooked for us and our granny fed us. So we were so happy to stay close to our mommy and she telling us various stories, sharing kitchen space with her and cooking snacks for every one. Don’t you think if we go to school, we all miss this fun.

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You should see the face of my mommy when we dropped the cake flour on the floor. If we are in the school, we would miss all this antics of my mommy isn’t it. Then “V” started shouting “flour on floor” and all of us started dancing in that flour. We were slipping and falling down, even my mommy fell once. Ofcourse we all cleaned the floor together, but can we have this kind of fun in school tell me?

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Though my Montessori house is good and not strict, but the fun we have with mommies is superior to the fun we have with friends. You might say that most of the mommies go to work and won’t be able to spend time with you. So for this also, I have one simple solution. Please make a Big rule “Mommies shouldn’t go to Office” and all Mommies have to do is play with kids. Then the government should pay mommies. Isn’t it a simple solution?

Please think hard my dear God, you also played with your mom a lot when you are little Krishna right? So why this schools for us..and help us in getting schools closed, so that we can stay closer to our mommies and have loads of fun. Mommies are our best friends and teachers as well!!

So you will promise me right, that you would keep all kids happy by making them stay with their mommies. See you till then, will meet you in dream land and tell you more stories as to why we should stay with our mommies if you are not convinced with this letter.

Ciao, So long my dear friend!!!