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My Lessons from ICC World Test Championship Final Match

Last week, I was totally busy with the ICC World Test Championship finals and hence couldn’t read any books or concentrate on any activities. The match was very exciting and interesting but gave a disappointing result in the end. There are so many lessons one can learn from this match and here come my lessons from ICC World Test Championship final.

While our Indian team was mentioned as the most probable winners of the Test Championship, the Newzealand team was not very weak. They got qualified for the final match before us. The only difference is that they didn’t show off or boast about their winning skills. They just stayed calm and quiet. The rains started playing havoc with the match right from day 1. And I was so disappointed to see the first day’s match totally getting washed out.

Luckily, the sun came out on day 2, and even though we had intermittent rains, the match continued. In the end, we lost the game by 8 wickets still it was a very interesting match. Both the sides, the players have really played well and tried their best. But in the end, the victory came to the team who played the best.

The New Zealand wicket-keeper, BJ Wattlings has announced his retirement from international cricket after this match. He has shown so much grit and determination while playing this match.

Lessons from ICC World Test Championship Final

  1. Staying calm under pressure: It is very important to stay calm and composed. The New Zealand both openers stayed calm and played the game as a game and gave a very good start to their team. Their partnership helped the team a lot.

2. Bowling attack: Though the Indian team has good spin and fast bowlers in the team who are more experienced, the New Zealand batting team just took each ball after the ball as they came. They didn’t show any fear to face Indian bowlers. Kyle Jamieson does not look for wickets he just played the game as a game and took 5 wickets. He didn’t budge under the pressure at all.

3. Consistent Practice: How you play depends on how much you practice your game and how you react under pressure. The New Zealand team didn’t get too excited or got pressurized a lot in the game. They just played the game with dedication and seriousness. Their behavior in the stands or in the crease is very dignified and composed.

4 Never Say Never: The wicket-keeper BJ Wattlings has injured his finger during the second innings. But decided to stay in the crease and continue his work, as he has realized the importance of good wicket keeping during that time. His decision has changed the match completely in their favor.

5 Finally believe in yourself: New Zealand team captain believed in himself and guided his team to success with his motivation and team-leading spirit. I liked the way Kane Williamson reacted after the match is over. He never showed too much excitement about winning. It was like just a job done well for him. He has displayed this very same attitude even after the ICC World cup loss and was able to bring back all the disappointed team into the groove.

That’s why my mommy says that there is so much to learn from folks like Kane Williamson and Dhoni. Both are very cool and composed people and motivate others to reach their full potential. I even sent a message to Kane on his Instagram account. I hope he would respond to me in due course.

Though I was disappointed with the loss and cried for one full day, later I came to understand the reasons for the New Zealand team win. The more I read and analyzed, the more I am in awe of Kane. I wish I get to meet him one day soon.

Did you guys saw the match? What are your key take aways from this match?

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.

PS: All the pictures used in this post are from Cricket Advisor and ICC website.

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  1. Thank you for using India’s favorite sport, Cricket, to teach us some beautiful lessons you learnt from it. Anything can inspire and motivate us if we are ready to evolve, is what your post has taught me.

  2. Wow Shravan, I am in awe of your nice observation. You observe so minutely and take away a lot from everything you come across. Keep going champ.

  3. That is a great way of looking at it. I am very impressed by your observations Beta. We can learn so much from everything around us, even cricket.

  4. I know how it feels when India loses but you are brave enough to appreciate New Zealand’s win. feel so nostalgic after reading your post, Shrav. I went back to the days my son used to watch Cricket and I would watch with him. My husband also was a cricket fan and I used to relay the score on the phone. I developed an interest only then. But after my son left home and my husband passed away, I stopped watching cricket.

  5. Wow Shrav! I am very proud of you. I could have never thought that a cricket match can also tecah us such wonderful things. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.

  6. Shrav, you rightly said that best team wins and New Zealand showcased their best efforts in the game to win. I also admire Williamson for his calm behaviour. The lessons from the world cup is a perfect list for all of us to imply in the life. Hopefully we will lift the trophy in the future.

  7. You are indeed wise beyond your years, Shrav. And completely agree with your observations. There is so much to learn even from a game of cricket.

  8. You might have not read or wrote anything but whatever you were busy with your made sure share to learn and share . That’s commendable. These are some great learning and can be applied anywhere. Shrav you are a blessed kid.. More and more power to you. Lots of love.

  9. Shrav, you should thank your mom for patiently teaching you the important lessons of life and that too from your favourite game, Cricket!

  10. Thank you for using India’s favorite sport, Cricket and you are exceptionally reviewed, Shrav. completely agree with your observations. So motivating post.

  11. I know it’s very disappointing to see our team losing. But sometimes opponent team teach us so many things. I did not see the match but loved your review and thoughts in this post.

  12. You have brilliantly listed down all the learnings that you got from ICC world test championship. Not everyone is mastered to talk so positively even after losing the game by our team, it shows your growing and learning spirit. Keep it up.

  13. I am not a big cricket fan but I do watch it occasionally. You have mentioned the learnings from the match and that is great. You have really good perspective. Staying calm under pressure applied best to Dravid!

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