Nowadays, my interests have shifted, and did I tell you about it? I had left Dance during the summer holidays and started playing sports. Do you know what is my favorite sport of all? It’s shuttle badminton and I forced my mom to join me in the badminton club for that reason only and I am practicing shuttle almost daily. But I wanted to tell you one little secret, even I am not immune to the Cricket fever, which has gripped entire India. Do you know who is my current best friend/hero? It’s none other than Boom Boom Bumrah!!

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Boom Boom Bumrah
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I was watching him in all the matches so far and I like the way he comes running down the Pavillion to bowl. Bumrah’s running style is quite unique and I am practicing so hard to copy him, but not able to get that expertise till now.

Do you know why Bumrah has become my favorite? The way, he bowls his yorkers, and most of the time he aims only at stumps. My dad told me that it’s the most difficult way to take the wickets. He and his best friend Kohli are such a cute pair you know like me and H in the school. Whenever Kohli goes and talks to our Boom Boom Bumrah, there goes the wicket boom boom. Don’t you all agree now, as to why I was saying that theirs is the best friendship?

Do you know who kept the name Boom Boom Bumrah? It’s the audience in the stands during India vs Bangladesh match. But I have another name for him? Can you guess what it is? It’s a 3B bowler. (couldn’t guess the reason for it isn’t it? It’s very simple my dear friend – Boom Boom Bumrah the bowler makes it 3B bowler isn’t it?) Hope you like this name too!!

I just hope that I get a chance to meet Bumrah and his friend Kohli one day when they come to play IPL in Chennai. Do you know what I would do then? I am going to talk a lot to Bumrah and understand how he can bowl so fast and who taught him that unique running style.

I will also learn to run like that, as it’s so much fun and you can see that sweet little smile on Bumrah’s face when he runs. I also want to field like him, he is such a good fielder. But Bumrah, why you don’t come for batting? I want to see your batting style too. I hope one day, you would come along with your best friend Kohli to bat, and let me tell you when you start to bat, all the bowlers would run away, as you have got that style.

Kohli – first of all, I want to ask you, why you didn’t take Bumrah to visit that granny on the stands in India vs Bangladesh match? I saw it on social media. I was expecting that you would take your friend everywhere, just like H and me go around in the school. But you forgot naa? Won’t my boom boom feel bad about it?

Kohli – what is the secret you always share with Bumrah? In fact the way, you talk and show your hands are very funny and I like that. But please tell the team not to chew a lot of gum, as it’s bad for their teeth. My mommy says so. But, I know, you won’t chew it, as I had seen it. Your expressions are really cute like that mine, while I dance. I also like the way you come out in the advertisements also. But there also you are leaving Bumrah.

Bumrah – Will you be able to convince my mom, so that she can join me in the Cricket coaching camp too? I want to bowl like you and my mom says that no time post Shuttle and gymnastics. Agree, that, I love those two, but I love Cricket too. So if you talk to my mom maybe she will agree. What say? Your expressions after taking the wickets are really cute. Do you know that?

Lastly – I am not sure, whether I can ask you or not? But would you mind coming to my birthday (which falls this month only after the World Cup tournament)? We can have a big party, and I will dance only for you. Hope your coach will allow you to visit me? Tell me, is your coach very strict? Both my coaches are strict only but don’t shout much at me. But, I heard that some coaches are really strict and shout a lot. I had seen it in a Dangal movie and if I get a coach like that Dangal father, I would leave the sport and run away. If that’s the case, tell your mommy, she would take care of the coach. OK? In case, you are coming please don’t forget to get your best friend Kohli too. Let him also enjoy with us. I hope Anushka aunty would allow Kohli to come with you.

Chalo, my mommy is telling that enough of this letter (post), she is telling me that you wouldn’t have time to read my post. But since you are my hero Boom Boom Bumrah, I think you would read my post. Please let me know your views OK?