As our school is closed today me and my mom were getting bored sitting at home. So my mom got a wonderful idea and we decided to hit the musuem and also finish of some monthly shopping. So we headed to Adyar. I told my mom that we should hit the beach and play in sand and water. But my mom told me that since its afternoon and sun is at his peak, we will go to an interesting place first and spend some time there. After the sun cools down little bit, we would hit the beach.

It seems, she heard about this new place from her friends and its an art gallery cum book shop. The place is really nice and very silent too unlike other book shops. So we went around, browsing the books and loading them into the cart. While browsing for books, I had also noticed a few nice pictures on the walls. When I asked my mom as to who has drawn them on the walls. She told me that they are either photographs or the drawings hung there. At my house, my mom wouldn’t allow me to draw on the walls and here these people are hanging everything on the wall. It’s really surprising, isn’t it? I liked the following photograph a lot better.

Mommy's Anger, #WriteBravely, #CelebrateWriteTribe,  #FestivalofWords2019, #Art, #Fiction, #ShortStory
Picture Credit: Pexels

I asked my mom what is the meaning for this photograph, but she couldn’t explain me properly as to why that person was standing in an inverted pose. Then only I had realized that it might be like this.

This boy might be naughtier than me and would have troubled his mom by breaking the mirror and spoiling the entire room. Then his mom would have got really angry and made him hang to the nail on the wall, just like the way my friend little Krishna’s mom tied him to a grinding stone. Then his dad would have got another wonderful idea and held that broken mirror in front of that boy and took a photograph. This art gallery uncle somehow got that photo and hung it here. So now you know what Mommy’s anger can do to you right?

Do you guys agree to my view point? If not, please let me know what else do you think of this photograph.

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#WriteBravely, #CelebrateWriteTribe, #FestivalofWords2019, #Art #Fiction #shortstory
Celebrate Write Tribe
#WriteBravely, #CelebrateWriteTribe, #FestivalofWords2019, #Art #Fiction #shortstory