Last month we visited a light house near Rajahmundry. Climbing up the stairs of the light house  was more fun than going up in the elevator, so we friends opted for going up through the stairs. Our parents were doubtful whether we would make it up till the top or not. But believe me, only parents had tough time climbing up, but we ran up all the steps in a jiffy. 

Post that we need to climb up an iron ladder and it was super fun to climb it up holding each other’s hands. Once on the top of the light house, the view was just awesome. With a huge blue sea in front of us. My friend, Godavari was running at full speed to hug it’s long lost friend. Due to the force of their hugs, water is going backward and forward. We can even see the colour difference between Godavari and sea. Godavari was in brown colour due to rains, sea is in blue colour. The way these colours are getting mixed is to be watched only, I am not that big enough to describe its beauty. The cool breeze on top of the light house is keeping us cool from the hot sun.

I just couldn’t control my happiness so I just sat down and was looking at Godavari and sea. My mom took a photo immediately and the flash disturbed me. When I asked why did she have to do it, she told me that “We’ll both forget the breeze Most of the time”, but she wanted to store this moment of my happiness in her memory and so clicked the photo.

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