Weekend has come and Dad has gone out of town on some urgent work. So me and Mom were at home and I was thinking of calling my friends (Mom calls them as my Paltan) home for a sleep over.

We had so much fun playing lot of indoor games and watching movies on the screen. Mom was very cool and didn’t put any restrictions and she gave us food time to time to recharge our energy cells. All she wanted was some peace in the middle of our fun to finish off her blog. So she locked herself into the bedroom with her coffee cup and mobile. She calls a corner of the guest bedroom as her writing corner and she writes there listening to soft music.

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We played with cricket in the hall and made a big mess, the bedroom became our water play area where we dumped buckets and buckets of water and used that water to dance and slide. There was nobody to control either me or my Paltan. The walls near the staircase have become our painting boards and we painted as we like. The drawing room became our Formula One racing zone, where we raced all our toy cars. But all this we had done with out any sound so that my Mom will not get disturbed with our noise. And she can meet her writing targets by the end of the day with out much disturbance from our end.

In the mean time, it started drizzling outside and the weather became so nice. It started inviting us for a long drive. Dad will not take us for long drives in the rains. Its always Mom who obliges us with all this silliness (as per my dad). So we barged into her writing room and started pestering her by throwing the car keys on the table. She was so deeply engrossed into her blogs that at first she didn’t budge to our demands. But after lot of pestering from our end, she threw her hair clip down and started telling that me and my Paltan are getting on to her nerves. She went to change her dress and in the mean time we opened one of the crumpled papers on her desk and tried reading them.

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Do you know what’s written in those papers? We know it’s very difficult to imagine, but it contained all the mischief we were up to till now. How come my Mom got know all this, even after we did everything under mute mode. Does she have another pair of eyes in every room just like a CC camera in shops?

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