I forgot to mention that I have two sibilings with whom i need to compete to get the attention of my mom or dad…I have one elder sister and an elder brother..i am the youngest one of the lot but i will not be getting any major privileges when compared to them and my mom  always says that we need to respect the elders..its fun to play with both of them..i like pulling my sister’s ears or eyes and while crawling, i keep kicking her a lot…she wouldnt mind all my mischeif and would happily accept what ever i do..infact purposefully she comes into my way, so that i can touch her, but gets scared of me when i go around in walker and would keep running away from me and the fun lies in chasing her…but unfortunately she gets exhausted too soon and then would go inside the house and would lie down. But where as my brother is another tough and naughty one like me…its tough to gain an upper hand over him..hez has more energy when compared to me. He likes chasing the squirrels, pigeons in the garden or else he tries to play around with my other two friends (Varun and Viduyut) by taking their ball away and making them run for that ball.  Though he doesnt play with me, he loves me a lot and if at all if i fall down, he would be the first one to come to my rescue, even before my mom and then he scolds my mom/dad for letting me fall. How sweet of him naa..i love him for that

          The thing that amazes me in him is that, he obeys my mother all the time, and he would be first one to return to the house even before the curfew time starts..my sister atleast tries to cross the curfew time once in a while…and when she does it, she gets a nice thrashing from my mom. I dont like this curfew times at all..I enjoy staying outdoors all the time, but by the time, I really start getting the knack of the game, my mom shouts that its curfew time from the main door…which I hate it, but after going inside, she gives me a warm bath and then again lets me play on the floor, which is good..same thing goes with the sleep pattern of my sibilings as well…as soon as their walk is over, they would go to bed, but I feel soo energized at that time, that I want to play with my dad, which my dad wouldnt let me do for more than 15-20 minutes, saying he has work to do,  which I dont like. But what to do, when dad says some thing, we guys have to obey him naa..

          Have you guessed the names of my sibilings..they are Jimmy and Johnny.  Please have a look at our photograph down below. The one with blue neck collar is Jimmy and the one with the red collar is Johnny. They both are listening to my songs.