Howah Howah folks..Happy Diwali! I am not in a good mood now, as I had a big fight with my best buddy (Krishniah) today. Wondering why I am into the fighting spirit instead of the celebration mood? OK, let me explain it..  

My mommy explained that, Diwali is because my buddy Krishniah has killed a very very bad boy named Narakasura. Fine, bad boys are meant to be punished. It seems, this bad boy didn’t bother to listen to his Mama or Krishniah, even after taking him to the principal room..which shows how mean he is. Isn’t it? So except killing him there was no option left for Krishniah, which is also fine with me…but then why should Krishna tell all the folks to burst crackers and celebrate it…wont lighting candles enough..bursting crackers generates so much of noise pollution isn’t it? My siblings (Jimmy and Johnny) are scared because of that.. I am such a small big boy and how can I take care of them? My fishes are also scared, poor them, they cant even come and sit in my lap like my brother and sister. Of course, my lap is not that big also to hold all of them isn’t it? I am still a small kid and nobody understands that I also get scared with these sounds…        
First of all, I had to endure the drama of head bath with all that shampoo and others, which has upset my mood in the morning and post that this crackers. So when I met Krishna during my nap time, I had really fought with him regarding this celebration…look at my another friend Ganesha’s birthday celebration, it was so much fun..we did pooja  and I took the video of that and then we got to eat sweets.Why cant Diwali be so simple like that, light candles, share and eat sweets? Krishniah told me with a sorry face that he didn’t ask people to burst crackers but only we guys decided to do like that..Then he told me that there are lot of people who make money by making crackers and that’s why this tradition couldn’t be stopped. So I decided to grow big fast, and then open my own company in which I would give jobs to all those people who make crackers, so that nobody would have to make crackers. That’s the only way where in we can have a silent Diwali with just candles and my brother and sister would be happy with that. Don’t you agree folks? So people whoever has that magic potion to make me big, can you please give it me….. 
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Anyways, Once again HAPPY DIWALI, and play it safe with crackers with out affecting your pets.