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Today, I am going to talk about another kid who is an ardent devotee. This devoted kid has even defeated the Lord of Death (Yama) due to his devotion. Are you able to guess who that kid is by now isn’t it? Yes, his name in Markandeya the most devoted kid in Indian Mythology

Introduction to Markandeya:

This story has been narrated to by my granddad when I said I was scared of snakes. He told me that there is one boy who has hugged Lord Shiva irrespective of the snakes crawling all over Shiva’s body. You know that Lord Shiva uses snakes as ornaments on his body right? So coming back to our story:

There was a very wise and good couple living in forest. They didn’t have kids for a very long time and so they prayed to Lord Shiva a lot for the kids and got his blessings. But Lord Shiva was in a little naughty mood like me that day. So you know what he did?

He asked that couple whether they want an intelligent and very good kid like me, but who will live only for a short time or a very bad and naughty kid who would torment everybody, but will live for 100 years. Now tell me, all the parents want their kids to be good and intelligent right? So that couple also chose a good kid only.

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Soon they got a small kid and named him Markandeya. This boy is a very intelligent and sharp kid. He was the most liked and loved boy among all the kids living in that forest. This boy is also very observant, unlike his other counterparts. He used to observe that his parents were always unhappy though they keep enjoying all his antics and accomplishments.

Markandeya’s fight with Lord of Death

He asked his parents to what is the reason for their unhappiness. Markandeya had to literally pressurize them to know the real reason. When they told him that he would die soon due to the boon given by Lord Shiva and they are more worried about this fact only. His reply was very simple in fact. He told that he would go and talk to Lord Shiva only and convince him to increase his life span.

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So, Markandeya went into the nearby Shiva’s temple and started praying continuously. He prayed day and night, without having food or water. In the meantime, his end time has come and Lord Yama sent his people to fetch his soul. But the people from Lord Yama couldn’t reach that boy as his devotion towards Lord Shiva was acting as the safety valve around that boy, as he hugged the Shiva Lingam tightly.

Then when Lord of Death (Yama) himself came down to take Markandeya to his land, Shiva rose out of the Shiva lingam and fought with Lord Yama. Thus, Lord Yama got defeated and Makandeya has escaped from the clutches of death. Lord Shiva then granted Markandeya the boon to live forever and be devoted to him as always.

My Learning from Markandeya the devoted kid:

So after hearing this story from my granddad again and again, I learned that if we have a will, we can achieve everything what we wish for. This can include conquering the Lord of Death also. Along with our will, we need to work hard also to achieve our life’s goals.

So this is my story of a devoted kid in Indian Mythology my friends. Hope you liked it. Please let me know your comments. Happy for participating in the #A to Z Challenge and #BlogchatterA2Z. My other stories under the Indian Mythology series could be found here.

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