How is this #Lockdown treating you all? I hope by now you all would have got busier with the Online Classes and Schools, isn’t it? I still find so much free time in my hands even after my online classes as well. Reading books all alone is so boring and it gets a little lonely after a while. But luckily, I found a new buddy called Mapa Story. My mommy got to know about this app and downloaded it for me. Now you are wondering what’s so special in this Mapa Story app, isn’t it?

Mapa Story App:

It’s a new app on Google Playstore that my mommy got a chance to review and she showed it to me to test this app. As the title suggests this app is full of stories. They are not typical videos of someone narrating the stories on youtube. Its a story actually told by one of the parents or grandparents to their children using the books. We can easily relate to the voices and feel like listening more.

Inspired by original storytellers, 'MaPa' will allow recording stories in  own voice
Source: MaPa Story

Also to top it, there is a wide variety of stories including Mythology, Education, Fairytales, Knowledge stories, and a lot more. The person narrating the story would show the book and recite the story. So, in case if you want we can try to outsmart the narrator by trying to read the story before him. I always do that as it gives me pleasure to see the narrator always reading the stories in a very slow and soothing manner just like my aunty in the school. So, this app is giving me a chance to practice slowing my talking speed, and hence making my daddy a happier one, as he always says that I speak like a bullet train.

The additional advantage of this app is that the stories are narrated in both English and Hindi. As I belong to a non-Hindi speaking city, my cousins always tease me for my pronunciation in Hindi. So, this app is giving me exposure to proper Hindi and I am planning to develop my Hindi speaking skills using this app. Isn’t it wonderful?

MaPa Story App – An Interactive App That Allows You To Record Stories
Source: MaPa Story app

Now that’s not all, there is one more surprise in this app. We can ask our parents/grandparents to record the stories while they are reading them for us. That’s a wonderful feature, isn’t it? A lot of people can hear our voices and enjoy the story narrated to us. Even we kids can record the stories as a special surprise to our parents. I liked this surprise element a lot.

Now you all must be thinking that then this app must be really expensive, isn’t it? No, it’s not the case, my mommy says it’s budget-friendly and she is happy with that. You can check the details and download it here. She has subscribed to this app for me on our mobile phone (both me and my mommy’s) so that I can hear the stories whenever I feel bored at the house. Honestly, my mommy is not worried about the screen time while I am using this app as I can just lock the screen to listen to the stories. So, our screen time restrictions won’t apply for this app and at any given point of time, listening to stories improves our knowledge. So mt mom and I are completely happy with this app.

I really feel like my granddad is narrating the stories when I hear some of the stories narrated by old people. I am not able to fall asleep without listening to a story on this app daily. My mom thinks that I am falling asleep faster these days. So now, did you understand why Mapa Story has become my best buddy?

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Link to the MaPa Story app on Google Play Store: