During summer holidays, Mom and Dad took me to a Magic Show that happened in Russian cultural center. Hope you remember this place, this is the place where I normally do my shows. It seems, one uncle by name Alex came down to India from Russia. Though I don’t understand where Russia is, but my Mom told me that its very far…Do you know whether its far away than US? I only know that US takes 24 hours by flight to reach as my Dad went there some time long time back. I keep thinking how much fun it would be to go by train to US. It would take more time right, then we can have so much fun in that train isn’t it? OK, coming back to Russia, is it very far like US. Please tell me with your comments OK?

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So Alex uncle did lot of Magic. He was able to make items disappear and reappear. I liked it a lot. Though lot of music is there in the back ground and some pictures are being shown, I had seen that Uncle was making scarf’s and people fly in the air. People are getting disappeared. I liked it a lot and of course was also scared. Now I wonder where will all those people who disappear go to? Will they go to Space or Mars? Do you guys have any idea? Who would take care of their food and all the other stuff. Mommy told me that they will go to the back stage only and will not go anywhere. Though this time, I didn’t believe her, as I know that the back stage is very small and it can’t accommodate all these people.

Obviously, after coming back home, I also wanted to try some magic tricks. I wanted my pencil to disappear. Like that of Alex uncle, I had put my pencil under the towel and said the magic words like “Abracadabra Alaakazoom..here you GO”. But it didn’t disappear. I was not sure, why it didn’t happen to me. I tried 100 times but all the times I failed and so I started crying.

But after being consoled by my granny and mommy, I tried it again. As the saying goes, “practice makes the man” I thought if I practice more then I will be able to disappear just like Alex uncle. So I tried again and this time it really got disappeared. So I was very happy, thinking that my good friend Krishnaiah has finally heard me and helped me in making things disappear. So next I tried with a pencil box and this time it too got disappeared. Can you imagine how happy I was? But I got slight doubt nagging in my head, as to how come I became so powerful all of a sudden?.  So next time, while chanting the magic mantra’s I slightly opened my eyes. Now I know who the culprit is. Its my granny who is taking away things from my hand, when I closed my eyes. Very bad isn’t it? I really got very angry. So Angry means I can’t tell you. I started crying as I didn’t know what to do.

                So my Mom came to me again, and started consoling me. She took the Children’s Encyclopedia and showed me the meaning for the word Magicwhich says its an Illusion. So my Mom and Dad started telling me that Magic is nothing but tricks and no body can actual make things disappear and we don’t have those powers. They even showed me some videos on you tube and explained me that those magician uncles like Alex are also hiding objects and persons cleverly and not actually sending them away to space or some other place.

                  But I still have my own doubts. Can you please tell me if Magic is just the swiftness of the hand and nothing but real. Don’t you think its all cheating. Why will people pay money to watch those shows which are nothing but cheating. My Mom and Dad says that we should’t tell lies and cheat as they are not good manners. Then how come these elders go and pay money for a show which is nothing but cheating. I am so totally confused with these elders. Some times I just can’t understand them.

          Can you please make my life easier by explaining these kind of things to me. My friends Govinda and Krishniah are not able to give me some concrete answers here and their smiles is making me all the more furious.  Waiting for your comments folks..please help me in clearing this confusion.