Hey Madhuri Akka, will you like to dance with me???

My granddad and mommy were channel surfing one day and we hit upon your #Dance with Madhuri channel on #Tatasky. I told my mommy that I want to see that channel and forced my mom to subsribe immediately. Poor my mommy didn’t have any other option but to subscribe, which she did ofcourse.
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Then came the interesting part, as I got to see many new dances and learn from you all. First dance I learnt was for your song   “Ek Do Teen” which had some beautiful jumps and twirls. It took a week for me to master them. In the mean time, Svetlana sister came, but I couldn’t master her dance in that one week, but you guys removed that video from Tata Sky.  But I could get over that disappointment as soon as Namita akka came and showed us new cool moves which were amazing, but she also disappeared very fast.  Then came Birju Maharaj. He always says that…”Kathak mein do ankh hote hai” and I liked his dress and his talk.  So I asked my dad to get that dress for me also. I wanted to dance like him very badly. 

Why does your friends have to disappear very fast on the TV. Why can’t their dances be screened for whole day, so that I can learn all the types of dances very happily. I liked your Badi Mushkil dance also, but that one also disappeared fast.

While watching your dance videos on you tube I clicked on some link and it went it to some “.com” site. So I was after my mommy to subscribe for that website also. My mommy was saying that too much of laptop and Ipad is bad for eyes and so she was not willing to subscribe. I had to convince her a lot but she didn’t listen to me, can you please convince her. I will only watch your moves on the laptop or Ipad for couple of times, post that I only listen to the song and keep dancing right. Do you think you can recommend to my mommy for my sake?

I had a dream the other day, that you came to Chennai Egmore station in the Mumbai express and I came to receive you in the station (since I love to travel in trains and as you are my best friend, I think you would also love to travel in trains like me. Isn’t it correct?) As soon as you saw me, you gave me a big hug and we all came to my house in my dad’s car.  Then I made a special tea like how I prepare for my dad on the weekends and you had your tea and breakfast. Again, its also my favorite Idly Sambhar. Post that, I showed you my dance and you liked it so much that you gave me big stars on my both hands and hugged me a lot. You also taught me a lot of cool nice new moves. You told me that we both are a good pair.
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Does my dream look good to you? So please do visit my house next time when you come to Chennai and also please bring Birju Maharaj too, so that I can show my kathak moves to him too.