Last weekend we went to Reema aunty’s house for a get together. This was a long pending trip and we could make it only after two months. Reema aunty and family went to some where very far in North India on a transfer and returned back to Chennai.  When they went, I was still a small boy naa, so I didn’t ask about the place to where they were going to.

 So I was just hoping that I would have a very good time with Reema aunty and uncle too. When I was a small boy, we used to spend lot of time together and my mom used to tell me stories as to how that uncle used to teach me bowling and how much fun we boys (my dad, uncle and me) used to have while mummies used to sit under trees and chat while we go for picnics.

WOW: The Last Time He Saw Her
But this time, I was in for a surprise as I met a big monkey in their house. This monkey is very naughty and always starts crying for everything I am holding in my hands. That includes even for the glass in which I was drinking water during the snack time. She wanted only that glass. I am really fed up with this girl. That’s why i nick-named her as monkey. She wouldn’t let me play cricket with Uncle nor she would let me go near Reema aunty.

This little monkey has some talent, we all should agree to. All the elders in the house dance to her words and would love to speak to  her only all the time. If by any chance, if some body speaks to me, that’s all she would scream at the top of her voice and that’s all, all the elders would run towards her and pamper her. All the time, these people keep telling me that I am a grown up boy and should watch this little brat and take care of her like an elder brother. Ohh, No, me and becoming an elder brother to this brat. That’s a very impossible dream these people are talking about.

I started hating her like any thing. I think, I should call upon my Mary aunty (doctor aunty) to give her a big injection, so that this little monkey can sit calm and quiet. But since, my mommy’s mobile is in her purse and the purse is in the car, I couldn’t call up Mary aunty. So I went and sat in the library room unhappily. I was wondering who this little brat is, and from where did she come into Reema aunty’s house?

In the mean time, I overheard my mommy and Reema aunty talking about me and my mommy was saying that “the Last time he saw her“, she was just a tiny baby and now he is not able to digest the fact that this baby has grown up. That’s why Shrav has gone and sat in the library.

The album I was flipping has all the photos of that sweet little princess turning into little monster. Now I do remember that little princess. But I couldn’t understand how she turned into this little monkey, who always cries and yells at the top of her voice.  Some body would have weaved their bad magic wand and made her like this.

But I do want my little friend who is of all smiles when ever she sees me to be back. So I guess, I need to take the help of my childhood friends Krishniah and Govinda so that they can turn her back into my best friend once again.  Can you all please help me in calling Krishniah and Govinda once again for me?

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