I had written this letter from Mother Earth, pretending as Mother Earth. I got this idea while reading the books and doing the worksheets related to Earth Day Celebrations. I think we all should stop and really think what Mother Earth wants us to hear and act.

My Dear Lovely Kids,

It makes me swell with pride to see my kids standing tall on me and building such huge high-rise buildings and flying to my other friends in the Solar System. Some people say that I am really aged and ancient and going insane with old age. Believe me, Kids, 4.5 billion years might be too much when compared to your age, but in our family of Solar system, that’s nothing. 

I saw you all, developing from a single cell rhizome to advanced human beings. Though I am swelling with pride in your advances, I am feeling a little disappointed in you all due to the very simple fact that you are all acting so inefficient and incapable dimwits when it comes to appreciating what you already have!! You guys are like that dimwit shown in Indian classic Panchatantra tales – as you are destroying your own home (me) just like that dimwit who tried cutting down the branch of the tree, on which he was sitting.

How many times, how many people have to tell you not to destroy the natural resources and play with the natural forces. Even after looking at the side effects of droughts, floods, tsunami’s are you not understanding this fact?

So my dear mothers and fathers, please teach more and more about the following 5 most important lifelines to your kids and make them grow into compassionate and empathetic kids, who work towards a larger cause rather than running towards few goals which give momentary satisfaction.

  1. Air: Try to purify the air as much as possible, please plant trees/saplings and take care of them in your lifetime. It will give you more than enough oxygen to breathe and would reduce pollution to some extent.”Everyone has the right to Clean Air” 
  2. Water: Use water sparingly and wisely. Planting more trees and using methods like Rain Water Harvesting would improve the water tables. “You are not Earning Water, so don’t spend it irresponsibly. Save it for future generations too”
  3. Soil: Without Soil, you wouldn’t be getting the food to eat. So safeguarding soil fertility and giving importance to farmers is our primary responsibility. If you use all the available land to build houses, what would you eat?Remember that all living beings came from the Soil and would end up in Soil only
  4. Mountains: Mountains are another lifeline of the living beings on the Earth, don’t destroy them by throwing plastic, digging them for rocks to build your houses. Only the thick vegetation on the mountains would get you enough rainfall to survive year after year. So leave the mountain’s pristine beauty untouched.“Nature’s beauty is a gift that cultivates gratitude and appreciation” by Louie Schwartzberg
  5.  Seas/Oceans: This is another jewel of me and I am proud to say that they occupy 75% of me. They are not your dumping grounds of waste. Please do remember this and behave sensibly with them. “No Water, No Life, No Blue, No Green” by Syliva Earle

I know, reading my above points, you might feel a little overwhelmed as to what a single individual can do. All you have to remember is that the “Change starts with a single step”. So as parents, teach your kids how to behave responsibly towards all the five lifelines. Once this chain starts, it would continue and emerge as a bigger wave of change towards a sustainable model of living. And this would make me again another pleasant place to live and enjoy.

So now the time has come and it’s “now or never”..hope you all would listen to this mommy’s plea and join your hands in protecting me, you and your future.

With lots of Love and Hope, Mamma Earth!!

Hope you like this letter of mine in the form of Mother Earth. If yes, please tell me what special thing you are doing as a part of the Mother Earth day celebrations today.

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