Today is the first working day of 2021. Have you guys started working, or are you still in vacation mode? I finished my online classes in the morning. My aunt in the school has introduced us to a new concept called Diary Writing. Of course, it’s more like our daily journal writing, which we do at school. But it has more flexibility and more choices than we can use while writing.

When I told this to my mom, she told me that the Diary can act as your best friend, who always will listen to your inner thoughts. The things that you don’t want anyone to hear out, can be shared here. She also agreed to my aunt at school saying that it’s really a good habit to start our New Year. So, I went along with my dad to the book shop nearby and got myself a brand new diary. This is how my diary looks like. It has beautiful pictures of various important monuments across India. So, with the help of this diary, I am also finalizing the destinations to visit during our summer holiday break.

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I can use this diary to note down all the important information about the Cricket game. There is also a calendar in this diary, wherein I can note down the dates of all the forthcoming cricket seasons in 2021.  I am also thinking of learning all the essential aspects of cricket legends, which I will document here in this diary itself as my go-to book on cricket.

What about you, what are you going to write in your diary? My mom said, she would write about how she spent her day and her favorite quotes or poems in this year’s diary. My dad told me that he would like to keep a record of all his management and psychology learnings in this place. So this is how everyone’s diary is different.


Our aunt in the school told us that we can use this diary for the following activities too:

Daily Writing Prompts: For children like me who are starting our diary writing habit for the first time, the parents can give us daily writing prompts based on which we can write. It would help us in improving our creativity.

Personal Journaling: This is what my mom is going to do, capturing her personal journey throughout this year. She is going to capture her goals, aspirations and would keep working on achieving them

Project Journaling: This is what my dad and I will be using to keep track of our various projects.

Nature Journaling: My friend A in the school is interested a lot in gardening along with another aunt in the school. They both were planning to keep a record of their gardening activities.

There are other forms of diary writing, which capture people’s art and craftworks. Since I am not a person, who is into the arts or crafts, I am not planning to talk much about it. Also, my granny writes about all her shloka’s in her book. We can also call that diary the Shloka diary.

Keep a diary and one day it will keep you.

– Mae West

My dad told me that we can write these diaries online also, these days. But since, we are already spending so much time in front of the gadgets due to the online classes as well as watching a few videos. I think it would be best to write the diary on the original physical diary itself. It will give us more flexibility to decorate the page and showcase our doodling there too. What say, folks? Whatever format you prefer, it’s a good habit to start your new year. So why don’t you all start writing your diaries from today itself? Please let me know which diary format you have picked up and what you are planning to write there with me too.


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