It’s that time of the year, where everyone keeps talking about a lot of celebrations and festivals. Its that time of the year, where we remember our father of the Nation in the first week. Yes, its Ocotber and we do remember our Gandhiji in the first week. How can a day pass without hearing about the Swachbharat or about Gandhiji?

That’s why one uncle came to our school and gave us a presentation about Swachbharat. He told us how bad the plastic covers and other plastic items. Do you know, my favorite big blue whale is getting a lot of tummy ache because we dump lot of plastic into the oceans and its eating that. So now, me and my friends have decided that we will not use any plastic at all. Poor fishes in the ocean, we all should save them isn’t it?

Also, this is not that time of the year, where in people talk about Kollu (Gollu) and there is no role for us boys in that entire week. Only girls are pampered and they get dressed like big girls and keep going around the houses. All we boys get to do is eat sundal only. 😙

I hope you heard about Kollu (it’s the doll display). In Chennai, during every Navaratri, we keep Gollu in every house. Then we do visit our friends and relatives place to see the Kollu. At that time, all girls will be given special treatment and they would be asked to sing songs and dance too. Some girls do the traditional indian dance also. Even in the temples that’s the same case.

Boy’s will not have any work in the other people’s house. If our mommy is a real cool one like that of mine, she would allow you to arrange the dolls display otherwise in most of the houses they wouldn’t even let us touch the dolls as they are fragile itseems. So in that case, all we boys get to do is to wear the Indian traditional dress, roam around and eat sundal, thats all.

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I asked my granddad, why this partiality towards girls during this season. My grand dad explained that actually even boys have important work in the earlier days itseems. When he was a small child like me, he used to go to school every day. Then his master (at that time there are no aunties and anna’s in the school itseems, there were only masters) would take all the boys around the village. These boys will play the different instruments like tabla, or flute and go around the houses. Then these kids used to recite tough sanskrit shlokas or do oral sums to show their parents what and all they learnt in the school that year. So I think its more like our Open day, but not in the school, but at every house. Do you agree with me on this?

Also, the master used to teach boys shooting arrows, and they used to conduct few games in the school. But over a period of time, all these traditions have disappeared itseems. So now only, girls get all the attention and we boys have to just sit and watch.

How I wish, we also can sing songs, dance or recite those tough shloka’s during these kollu celebrations. I think, we should all tell these elders that they should involve both boys and girls equally in all celebrations. What say folks?

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