As you all must be knowing we are working hard and learning new dance styles from our teachers at #DanceBoxStudios, from last two months. They were teaching us, a new style called Hip-Hop and this style is so cute, with a lot of fun movements. Now the time has come for us to showcase what we have learned so far from them isn’t it in the Dance Show isn’t it?.

So our big brother @Irfan Anna has arranged for our #IN THE BOX winter show at Sagharika Gardens this time. Please do come and see how we are going to perform, as there are a lot of surprise elements planned in our show.

Even our parents are not allowed to see our rehearsals then you can understand the suspense element, isn’t it? Last week only our dress master came and took our measurements. I wonder what color the dress would be? How good it would look on us.

Me and my friends are eager to dance on the stage. This should would show case our hip hop skills and we want to excel in that too just like how we had done in our last dance show.

So now, are you also excited to watch our show. Here is our invitation to the same. Please do come and join us in our fun. Will be waiting for you there.

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Dance Box Studios – Chennai

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