During December, my mommy’s cousin’s family moved to Pondicherry, as that uncle took a new job in Pondicherry. So, we visited them during my Christmas holidays. Their family is also very sweet and nice to us. I met my cousin Sana for the first time in my life. So thought of Introducing Sana in this S&S Series.

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Shrav: Sana is a 6-year-old girl and she is very naughty and funny at the same time. We both had a gala of time playing together. Her comments are very witty and she is able to make me laugh like crazy. She is just in grade 1 and younger than me, so I keep telling her that she needs to listen to me. But she tells me that I need to listen to her, as she is the youngest kid in the house.

Though she is younger than me, she knows a lot of cool stuff and teases me a lot about it. It’s good to have her around and play with, as I was getting bored sitting all alone due to the lockdown. She looks like a real princess in her long blue frock (or gown whatever it is called), she wore for the party on the other day. I remembered the Disney Princesses movie. But, please don’t tell her this, otherwise, she is going to tease me a lot.

But regularly, she is a very naughty kid, who can’t sit quietly in one place. She will be always exploring something or the other or would always be up to some of the other pranks.

Shravmusings, S&S Series, Shrav vs Sana Duel, Sana, Introductory Post, Kid blogger, Kids Stories, Kids Fun

Sana: Shrav is the new cousin I met after moving to Pondicherry. He seems to be a cool kid with a lot of talent. He talks continuously and that too most of the time it’s all about Cricket and the Cricketers. He never gives the other person a chance to talk also about cricket. His knowledge about cricket is awesome, but he needs to be aware of more kiddie stuff. I think he needs a person like me to teach him there is life other than cricket too.

Of course, he knows a lot of cool stuff about Space and Gymnastics too. There is a lot to learn from him. But please never ever tell that to him OK? If he comes to know that I like his talent, then no one can stop him. So we need to act very calmly and neutral in front of him.

Parents: We thought that these two kids would become good friends and play happily. But where have we landed? They always behave like fire and ice and keep fighting. Looks like we can’t even sit in peace and have a cup of tea. Will they be better if they stayed all alone? But they keep playing together happily only for some time right? So let’s see whether these two kids would settle down or not.

Shravmusings, S&S Series, Shrav vs Sana Duel, Introductory Post, Kid blogger, Kids Stories, Kids Fun

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