Hello Friends, recently I had decided that I don’t want to be a Pilot. Do you want to know why? It’s very simple my dear friend, such a big aero plane will not be able to take reverse. So what is the fun in becoming a Pilot tell me?

When we drive a cycle or a car, the fun is not only in zooming forward. I feel that the major fun is in taking the reverse. We need to keep looking backwards, turn, bend and see whether we are going to hit the car/people behind us or not. Switching on the reverse horns with the craziest music.  Taking the reverse at a high speed that the passersby would get scared and wait for us to complete our reverse. Also taking reverse on a crowded road is always fun  isn’t it?

Now I know, you all would agree to me isn’t it? But where as if we become a pilot, we don’t have various horn sounds to scare the people. We just can’t take reverse. We need to depend on a small tractor to get us back on to the runway from the parking lot.  So I feel that there is no fun in starting an aero plane. The only fun I can see that the pilot would be having is during taking off and landing. What a good feeling it must be to zoom to such higher speeds and while taking off, the pilot who gets sit in the front would obviously feel like he is a big eagle, on whose back we are all sitting. Do you guy’s agree with me? 

Image result for aeroplane taking reverse with the help of tractor
Picture Courtsey: Quora

While traveling up in the sky, all he gets to see is only clouds and clouds. So boring isn’t it? He can’t even play any music from different radio stations, like how we do in the cars. Ofcourse, I know he can listen to music from CD’s. 

But just for those 2 minutes of takingoff and 2 minutes of landing, I don’t want to become a pilot you see. Also, if I become a pilot, I think, I wouldn’t be able to drive a normal bike or a car, as I would forget how to take a reverse. And everywhere the tractor wouldn’t come my rescue isn’t it. 

When I told this my next door uncle,  he started laughing at me. I don’t understand why these elders still don’t treat me like an adult. I am a big six year old boy isn’t it? So friends, would you support me?