Hyderabad trip details

The trip to Hyderabad was pretty good actually, i liked it a lot…right from the moment we started from home, it was fun actually and i liked everystep of the journey. Actually, this journey was an eye opener for me, as i didnt realize that soo many people exist in this world…that station was soo crowded that i couldnt see the walls, all i could see from my mom’s hands is only heads and heads…which was actually amazing..my dad did a wonderful thing of putting me into the sling on my mom’s shoulders which gave me 360 degree view of the platform and the people…so i enjoyed it a lot…let me share a secret, actually my neck started hurting me by craning it continuously, but i had put on a brave face didnt tell my mom, as otherwise i would miss the chance right?

I thought train means a smaller one in size like my car, but thats really really huge and i was suprised to see such a huge train and was afraid of it, thinking how to board it and was curious to see how it would move forward…my mom told me that it would have an engine in the front and the driver would start it so that the train would move on the tracks..but since it was already dark, i couldnt see the movement but could only feel it…it was like being in my craddle and the train was swinging forward and backward, because of which i got a very good sleep and by the time i woke up, Hyderabad came into view…

       My grandfather came to station with a nice bouquet of flowers to receive us…there were soo many colors in that bouquet orange, green, blue and white…mommy explained me all those colors to me…and i played soo much with my aunt (Sniggy) and her friend…they are both very cool and are always with mobiles, i asked my mom for a mobile seeing them playing with mobiles and my mom told me that its only when i grow up, i would get a mobile. Later that day, we went to a temple where lord krishna my favourite.  My dad has already got one for me in the same replica

          Next day, we went to meet my other cousins Tarun and Tej and i played soo much with them…Tarun is very nice and was taking care of all my needs and Tej is as naughty as me and our thoughts match each other, so its nice to have some one with whom we can share the thoughts…

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