Hunting for Schools

Since I completed 2.5 years my mom and dad started telling me that I have to go to school like my other friends…though I didnt understand the impact of it, I pretended as though I understood what they were my other friends go daily in the morning in the newly ironed and starched uniform with shoes and socks to board their respective school buses.

         Suddenly, last week, my mom started taking me around to various play schools nearby to my house. It was exciting, as I was getting to ride my cycle on the main road among all the traffic.

            But the first school, we went to gave me a shock, as all the kids are sitting in a room, where the door is closed and they are just listening to the teacher talk…they are not allowed to roam around freely…so i didnt like that atomsphere at all and i told my mom in strict terms that this school is not for me…You guys must be wondering how did I do that right? Its very simple man – ” I just started crying at the top of voice and started pulling my moms hand towards the cycle and kept on saying LETS GO, LETS GO”….. my mom is soo sweet, she understood my problem in a minute and said, ok, lets go back home…soo sweet naa…

        Then we went to another school. There i liked the play area but didnt like that Amma very i told my mom that incase if Amma doest come to that school, i can go there or else i dont want that school…as usual, my mom laughed at me and didnt take me seriously…but she took me to another school though..i liked all the play things there..there is an atm, petrol bunk and nokia repair shop, where in i can go and repair the cell phones. So i liked that very much and i wanted to go that school S only… I thought finally we are done with the school hunting and i can go back to my usual routine…

           Then came the shock to me, my dad and mom took me to another school and said that its a big school and i have to give an interview…dont you guys think its crazy for me to give the interview? So i didnt like the attitude of that school and i said i dont want to go into that school only…agreed i had given hard time to my parents by not getting into that school, but they are not like others you see…they didnt beat me at all…instead they gave me dosa and cajoled me and told me that i dont have to go that school.

        Next we went to another school, where in my mom was filling the application and waiting, i went to the auditorium and saw the music teacher there and that guy allowed me to play drums. So i liked that uncle and that school immediately…i told everybody that i want to go to only to that school and infact i didnt want to come out of that school only…i liked playing drums a lot. So my parents are also forced to chose that school only and pay the fees…

 Though initially this school hunting was bit scary, i liked the roaming around part and whenver we went out to see a school, I would for sure get the dosa from a hotel…and i get to decide which hotel to go…isnt it wonderful…so i had dosas to my heartful, leave alone the tummy…so now wondering what excuse should i use, so that my parents would take me out for long drives in car and give me the dosa as well…if you guys have any ideas, plz plz share with me know?


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