Christmas is fast approaching as December month has started isn’t it? My friend and granddad Santa is busy in wrapping all the gifts. 

But here comes the problem. Grinch is coming to steal away the Christmas. I learnt this story in my Montessori house last week. My aunty there and also the other elder kids in my group were all saying that Grinch is a grumpy and sad person who doesn’t like people to be happy.  After listening to this story entire last week, I kind of felt really sad and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Do you think anybody in this world can be unhappy, when there is so much beauty around us and also the people who love us are always with us?  NO right, then why has Grinch become such an unhappy person, then there must be some or other reason for that isn’t it? May be he doesn’t know how to be happy. May be we can go and show him how to be happy isn’t it? Watching a sunset from a window itself would bring so much happiness and peace to us. So let’s show him that. What say folks?  

Will Grinch use his anchor to stop us going near to him, just the way, he tried stopping his sledge with that anchor? My aunty was telling me that, if Grinch gets angry he would throw all the things. Will he able to lift that anchor and throw it at us?


When I shared my thoughts to my mom, she told me that we can use the Grinch’s anchor to get him to the happy island (that is our world) and stop him here itself. Do you all agree?

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