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How to conquer Hurdles?

Do you know how we can conquer hurdles? One can think that we can easily jump over them, but when you jump on the small hurdle, the next one would be bigger and it goes progressively. My mom showed me this one. Want to know full story of it?

After watching the Stuart Little 2 movie during last summer holidays, I wanted to try out the stunts done by Stuart with my big brother (Johnny. If you don’t know about him, then read here for further details). But he refused to jump the hurdles I had placed in front of him.

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I tried talking to him and make him jump for a long time, but he didnt get up only. Then when I was about to start beating him with my toy sword, my mommy came out on some work into the yard. She saw both of us and understood that there is some trouble brewing between us. I at times wonder, how mommies can read our minds. Do you have any idea?

I had to explain her the whole situation, then she showed me a different way to handle Johnny. This different way of handling has a name also it seems and its called “nurturing”. I never heard this so called “Nurture” till date. Have you guys heard about it? Let me explain you – we need to explain stuff to people with love and gentle voice it seems. Then they would grow out of their fear and can acheive impossible tasks for us. This whole process is called “Nurturing” it seems.

So what my mom made is very simple. She used my shoes as hurdles and place Johnny’s treats at the other end. Then my greedy, big brother crossed over the shoe with out any thoughts and ate that.

Next she placed a stool, over which too he stepped very easily. Like this my mom increased the height of hurdles and also the number of hurdles. It was so cute to see Johnny jumping over them.

So the lesson learned for me is that we should have a lot of time and love to teach new techniques to Johnny. Rather nurture Johnny to grow into a brave boy. Isn’t it wonderful? I liked this lesson, what about you folks? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments OK?

Author’s Note:

I am writing for Day 4 of the “Write Tribe Festival of Words March 2019” – 7 days of writing Bravely. I used the word (Nurture) and picture prompts into this article. You can read excellent articles for today’s prompt here.
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  1. I remember when my son refused to crawl…we used to keep his favorite toys afar so that he would move there. Yes, it was ‘nurturing’ 🙂
    Nice post

  2. Its important to let kids fail, not every hurdle can be crossed successfully, we fall, we fail Learning to get up and get going is what we must imbibe in them

  3. The water always flows the path of least resistance. Isnt that applicable to us as well?

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