My Montessori aunties told us to start a garden at home at the start of the winter, so understand the differences between the winter plants and the other season plants. So I had asked my mom to give me a few seeds from the Pea family to start my winter garden and mommy gave me some peas from the ones she has just got from the store.

So as my aunty suggested, I had soaked them in water for overnight and after the sprouts are being seen, I had placed them in the soil and started nurturing them every day. Since its winter holidays for our montessori house too, I got ample time to keep a look at the pot in which I had placed the sprouted peas.

After some time, the green peas plant started growing and to my surprise, it was a creeper. So I had to move this plant near the wall to give him support to grow over. The plant started growing and small flowers started popping out and those flowers are very beautiful.

One fineday, mommy showed me the small seed pod for peas and can you imagine, it started growing big and bigger. So I kept a keen watch on that pea pod and started talking to it also regularly. I was not sure how many peas would come out it.
I was also happy that I started hearing sounds from the pea pod as the peas started talking back to me and even singing along with the songs I taught them.

Early one morning, my mommy observed a tear on the pod and decided to pluck it thinking its ripe. She plucked it and gave me as soon as I woke up. I was so upset as to why she had to pluck it instead of me. When I opened the pea pod, all the pea’s were lined up on one side, except one. It’s like a big Pea Family you know?

I just got curious and asked them, whats the reason why this has happened. Then came the story. There is this little pea, who used to talk to me and urge all the peas also to share their tales with me. But no, the other peas never heard him and told him to go out and play alone, as he is the only one pea who can talk to humans. They didn’t like his special powers itseems.

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But God has given this special pea, the uncanny sense of the dangers as well, as he fought with the naughty squirrel and saved everyone from its claws. Thats the reason why there was a crack on the pea pod. All the peas have recognized that being different is not at all bad. So they gave this special pea, the “Hero of the Pea family” title. Don’t you think it’s cute?

When I told this story to my mom, she started laughing out loud saying nice imagination. Do you also join along with my mom in pulling my leg or would you actually believe my story?

#CelebrateWriteTribe, #WriteBravely, #FestivalofWords2019, #fiction, #shortstory
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