My Mom told me that the New Year means its a New Begining for all the good things in the life..so I wanted to try the new stuff starting on the day one itself…I am always intrigued with the cars and was infact little envious when my Dad drives his car daily…so i forced myself into his seat and tried driving the car…ofcourse, my legs didnt reach the accelerator or break, but i was innovative enough to use my dad’s legs to use the accelerator or break…see the picture below..

Asusual my mom always laughs at me for my innovative thoughts, which she calls them as my theatrics, and gives me a hug…but this time alone, she and my dad went to shop and got me a car to drive…ofcourse with out my choice, they still would be toying with various ideas, since i like blue color, i insisted on that model and finally i have a car of my own now…the sad part is that though this looks like a car, it doesnt have a clutch or gear…i wanted them as well, but that model is not there in the shop right now, so i have to adjust with this model.

By the way, i am also excited for one more reason, as this New Year has given me the opportunity to travel by train..i am going this weekend to Hyderabad to meet my cousins (Tarun and Tej) and my aunt (Sniggy)…so am all excited and waiting to board the train…but before boarding the train, therez lot of work for me to do…i have to go around shopping for my friends there isnt it.?..so chalo talk to you guys later..will narrate my shopping as well as Hyderabad experience…