WOW: Recycle A Blogpost

This year, I had turned 6 years and so is my blog. My blog started in the same year when I was born, in 2012. Please find my first post here.

When this blog started my mom had tough time to read my thoughts and convert into blog posts, now I had grown big know, so I am able to tell my thoughts clearly to mom, which she is writing. I want to grow some more big, so that I can write my feelings on my own. When that day will come, any idea folks?

When I was so small, I used to only utter one letter sounds and couldn’t even crawl. Same way, my blog had a post maybe once a month. But now my brain is running at super-fast speed, my blog is also up and running with a minimum of two posts per week. Don’t you think it’s amazing for a kid who can’t even crawl to stand up and start running? Similar is the case with my blog. I just want my blog also to dance just like me. I am waiting for that day to come. Can you guys help me with showing some love to my blog as well, so that it can dance in happiness? My mom says that her blogger friend communities like IndiBlogger, Blog Chatter and BlogAdda would help this blog to scale new heights and dance in happiness. What say folks?

I was not able to sit when I was 100 days old and needed support of sofa to sit (look at the photo in my older post). But now I can do gymnastics and dance well, apart from walking and running. But my mom says that this blog still needs support from audience, hosting and all technical jargon. Who among you can teach me all that stuff?

When I asked the same question to my dad, he says, I am too young to learn all of them, but I am a big 6 year old boy now and can learn them easily isn’t it? Sometimes, I wonder why these parents always treat us like babies. What say folks?

Leaving the rest to my archived posts to narrate my journey so far. Please shower some love on them too. Will you do that for my sake?

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