The other day, my mom went out for training for a full day. She told me to be there with my granny for today alone after coming back from school. She even told me to bunk my dance class if required and play with granny.

Bunking dance class is one thing, which I don’t like but I had compromised on that too, as my granny alone can’t drop me and pick me from the class isn’t it?

So as soon as I came from school, I ate my snacks prepared by my granny. We both played for some time. Later, I was getting bored with the board games so we decided to watch the television.

There was this Prabhu Deva sir’s movie is coming in one of the channels. How can I not watch that movie and dance tell me? So I immediately went and got my track pants and dance t-shirt from my cupboard. I changed my dress and wore the dance sneakers with the help of my granny.

But my granny, couldn’t tie my watch properly. How many times, I told her to tie at this place just like my mom did, she couldn’t understand. In the mean time, the first dance got over. I was so very unhappy with it. I told my granny to tie my watch properly atleast for the next dance, as the dancer’s shouldn’t dance with our proper accessories isn’t it?

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Now I know the importance of my mom and how she uses all the accessories to the perfection while preparing me for my dance. Grief is when your mom is not around to play with you or also to decorate you with your accessories properly. Finally I had to do the dance with out a watch only. Feeling so sad you know?

Author’s note:

I am writing for Day 7 of the “Write Tribe Festival of Words March 2019” – 7 days of writing Bravely. I used the word (Grief) prompt into this article. You can read excellent articles for today’s prompt here. Please click this link to read more articles for #Write Tribe Festival.

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