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G – day

One week has gone by and here I come with the Friendly Demon in Indian Mythology today, so that your Monday would be happier with this friendly demon. There are very few demons in Indian Mythology, who were always willing to help human kind and are also very jovial. Today, being the letter G day, we are going to discuss this person named Ghatotkacha.

Introduction to Ghatotkacha:

Ghatotkacha, Friendly Demon, #A to Z Challenge, #BlogChatterA2Z, #AtoZ2019, #AtoZChallenge, shravmusingswrites, Indian Mythology

Ghatotkacha is the son of the mightiest one in Pandavas. He is born to Bheema and Hidimbi. When Pandavas were in exile, Bheema saved Hidimbi from her vicious brother. Her brother wanted to kill Hidimbi so that he can become the king of that forest. Hidimbi asked Bheema to marry her as he had saved her. Bheema got married to Hidimbi, but stayed only for a little while with her, as he has to accompany his brothers and mother during their exile of 13 years. Ghatotkacha was born during that time only

But Ghatotkacha was bought up by his mother and he didn’t meet his father till he became a big boy. Ghatotkacha was also blessed with the same power and strength as his dad. He also prefers to use the mace as his weapon.

Why he is a Friendly Demon to humans:

Knowing that he was born to a human (Bheema), Ghatotkacha wanted to be in the human company and in fact he admired the human beings knowledge and intelligence. This comes out in many of his conversations with his mom. He is such a humble person that he made himself available to his dad and his uncles whenever they desire. Lord Krishna liked his attitude and gave the magic powers to him so that he can entertain people also if he likes. He always used that power to entertain people and not to threaten them. He thought that if he performs this kind of magic tricks, people would like him.

When Pandavas are in exile, Abhimanyu’s mom couldn’t stay in Dwarka. So she decides to go into the forest in search of her husband Arjuna, along with her son Abhimanyu. When they enter the forest, Abhimanyu gets into fighting with Ghatotkacha, as the former was protecting his territory. But later, when Ghatotkacha sees Abhimanyu’s mom he realizes that Abhimanyu is his cousin. So he takes them to his home.

He even helps Abhimanyu marry his friend, Sashirekha. The funny acts he performs prior to this marriage are to be seen in the movie or to be read only. I became his big fan after seeing him and reading his books.

Ghatotkacha in War

Ghatotkacha helped his dad and uncles a lot during the big war in Mahabharata. And because of him the Kaurava’s lost many warriors. He is the bravest and fiercest warrior among the kids of Pandavas. He fought with Karna bravely and had fallen down only after Karna used an arrow gifted to him by Lord Indra. Just like Abhimanyu, he is also very young to actually go and fight in a war. But he did this to please and save his dad and uncles.

My take on Ghatokacha:

I really liked him for the fact that though he is a really huge and strong person, he is really humble and easily approachable to all. This is what my granddad advises me also always. That we should be approachable to all and respond back to everyone with courtesy. He says sitting in front of laptop/TV without getting up when guests/elders enter the house is very bad.

Author’s note: All the images used here for from “Free to use” resources from Google or Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia only.

So that’s all friends for today. Hope you liked this friendly demon. Stay tuned for more updates later. Till then, have fun reading my earlier articles here for the #A to Z Challenge and #BlogchatterA2Z

 #A to Z Challenge, #BlogChatterA2Z, #AtoZ2019, #AtoZChallenge, shravmusingswrites, Indian Mythology
A to Z Challenge
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