Summer has arrived with all the heat and sweat in Chennai. I was bit worried after my school closure as to how would I survive the summer with just laptop and TV. But you know what, my Mom has already heard my mind and so they went ahead and enrolled me in the #The Dance Box Studios in Chennai nearby my house.
          Till the time I was enrolled there, my whole idea of dancing is only for Madhuri’s songs or for Kathak of Birju Maharaj ji’s.  Once I joined the #The Dance box Studios team, I learnt that there is more to dance than I thought. Wow, what a fun it is to dance in the actual studio and see our reflection in the mirror. Can you guys relate to my wonder? whatever movements I do in the hall would like totally in a different way in the mirror opposite to me. My left becomes right in the mirror. How is that possible? I asked my good friends, Govinda and Krishna and they gave me a big theory about reflections and images. These days, they are all telling me too much theory that I am not able to understand and when I tell them, they say that I had already grown into a big boy of 5 years and I should understand them (Listen, I am not yet 5 OK, and already my auntie in the school tells me not to think too deep and ask serious questions) So guys whom should I listen, to my auntie in the school or to my friends. I am totally confused you see. 
           Okay, okay coming back to my dancing. I have a good brother there by name @Sathish, who teaches us the dance and he is so fun to be around. He thought me so many new moves which I had already mastered. He teaches advance moves to senior kids like jumping upside down, doing rolls on the floor. I am eager to try them out, but nobody is allowing me to try them. They say I am too young to manage them. Guys, when I have Govinda and Krishna as my friends, then I am the strongest and big boy naa, then why do this team and Dance box get the idea that I cannot handle, can you please tell them and help me out. 

With my team

         The dancing part is fun and the moves are quiet cool you know. The dress was also very nice. I liked it, and was able to wear it even though it was sweaty in Chennai. The venue was awesome and dancing there is a wonderful experience. 
Waiting at the Concert hall

        Ha ha ha, thinking I will tell you all about it now itself. No way, my friends are calling me, so I am rushing off and would tell you more about the venue and dancing on the D-Day a lot. Stay tuned for more updates folks. You would also get a surprise in the next post. Watch for it OK?