Have you guys ever watched a movie in theater? If not, then this blog is not for you guys…as you wouldn’t understand the fun/boring stuff to do while in a movie theater. Getting confused, OK, let me explain in you in detail.

    Now that we are having summer holidays, my mommy hit upon this bright idea of giving me new experiences and making these holidays fun for me (in her view OK, not mine, so don’t go into that delusion). What she doesn’t understand is that I have umpteen ways hidden under my sleeve to make my day fun and playful and she need not worry about all these things. But being a mommy, she thinks that I am getting bored with my stuff and so she took that onus on her…let her feel happy with it.

        So off we go for watching Kungfu Panda 3 movie in the nearest mall. The multiplex was great, as it had a nice ambience and serene music…of course the music is so soothing that I can’t dance for that music, but can only nod my head for the same…the people who manage that multiplex might want us to doze off there itself.

         Cut the scene into the movie, it has such a blaring sounds that my ears started hurting, but the animation was good and the characters were talking pretty fast for me…so I didn’t bother to get involved in the story. I admired the animation and also the bigger TV screen in the movie theater. Then of course, you would obviously ask me whether I enjoyed the music tracks and the dancing jigs there in that movie. Music tracks were good, so I danced for few of them…the ribbon dance was OK, I didn’t like the concept of holding a ribbon and dancing, so I gave it a go and didn’t try it out…but the overall experience was good…

        I saw that there was a break time or snack time in the movie and most of the folks had gone out and got some snacks to eat. I thought that if my Babaji school teacher or the principal aunty were there, then they all would start yelling at the folks in the movie theater, as people were all eating junk food…I think their teachers have not told them what to eat and what not to eat…so I only had my milkshake like a sincere boy…

          The panda PO is also a good boy like me and can you believe he can eat 100+ dumplings in a single go…I am able to eat only 5-6…so just wondering when I can go really big like PO. His friends are also interesting. Somehow, I can’t have that kind of interesting friends, as we don’t get the tigeress and snake in Chennai right?

          You all agree that I am good boy naa…so this is the crux of my movie experience…it was OK OK types…we can watch films once in a while, not every weekend though. I have lot of other stuff to take care naa…how can all those things wait for me.. so see ya till then, take care.