As Christmas vacation was getting ended, Me and my friends have decided to go out for a long drive. I mean really long long drive and have fun while going in the car. So we started pestering my Dad for a long drive. Dad had a day off. So he told us that if we finish our lunch faster, he would take us again to beach after a long drive. We felt that we had already gone to beach and we need to explore new place this time. So we started nagging again saying “NO BEACH”, “NO BEACH”.  Finally my mom gave in and said that she would take us to a new place, which would be a surprise to us and we shouldn’t ask any further details. So we started becoming more and more curious about this new place now. We tried all the possible tricks to get the information from parents. Parents being elders, they very cleverly avoided that discussion till our lunch.

So we finished our lunch in a jiffy – wondering what’s there in the menu – Its normal curd rice and pappad. We didn’t dare ask for more varieties, as we wanted to rush out as fast as we can to that new place. So finally the time has come for us to start and we packed all our snack packs till the brim and we are ready to zoom off.

Daddy took us for a really long drive and it was fun, as we started singing all the songs and rhymes we know at the top of our voice. Finally after some time, we started feeling hungry, as we didn’t eat our tummy full during the lunch due to the excitement naa. So we started opening on the snack packs in the car itself. Poor Car started telling us not to spoil him and throw the food inside the car. But tell me, who would listen to the car, when we kids are out to have so much fun?

Finally we reached our destination. Its called #Dakshina Chitra, a nice place tucked in the ECR road of Chennai. As soon as we entered, we liked this place, as there is a small lawn in the front to play around while my Mommy was getting the tickets. So we started having fun right away. But little did we know the actual surprise we had in store for us.  We started exploring all the rocks and little areas around the reception while having fun. Then my Daddy took us to an open place called open air theatre where we started jumping up and down the steps while having some snacks. I know that by seeing our photo’s you would agree with my mom’s saying that we are three little monkeys. So we started singing that rhyme also.

Picture Courtesy : Google – Dakshina Chitra

Then my Dad took us to another place after some time. There we had few plastic chairs and my parents made us sit there and wait for some time, saying that this is the real surprise. Little did we realize that there would be a dance show then and there itself. Suddenly few people with drums started appearing and they started dancing. The dance was so nice and rhythmic. Surprisingly, there is no song there. Those uncles were dancing to the sound of drums only. I couldn’t stop my feet from dancing. That dance is called “Tappu Dance” it seems. So we also joined them in the last to shake our legs a little. But I really wonder how come those uncles were able to dance so nicely holding those drums. Those drums were so heavy, I tried lifting them but couldn’t. I wonder what those uncles eat? I thought of asking them, so went near them. But seeing them up close, I couldn’t ask them. So just wished them a “HAPPY NEW YEAR” and came back.

Can you guys please let me know in the comments below, as to from where those uncles got that much strength, so that I can also eat the same. I can grow up in a jiffy and dance like them. Will you please help me with this.